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Learning Six Sigma was never easy but with Brainmeasures you can master this technique.
Brainmeasures is a leading online certification company and only company offering more than 30 six sigma certification course programs. To further enhance your six sigma understanding Brainmeasures has launched a new range of short six sigma eBooks which will help you master various six sigma techniques and the good news is all this information is absolutley FREE!
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Introduction to S4/IEE Application Examples

S4/IEE application examples are primarily used by those who have undergone a comprehensive Six Sigma training or those who hold a Six Sigma certification when trying to implement and execute Six Sigma projects because of their effectiveness in assessing the process which is related to specification criteria. By learning about S4/IEE application examples, you will be able to receive suggestions regarding the procedures that you can use in effectively overcoming deficiencies. It should be noted that you will have easier time learning about all these application examples if you finally download and read a free Six Sigma e-book. It works in setting up performance indices or process capability that target and ask various suppliers to present reports on their effectiveness in meeting targets. It is also important for you to note that despite the simplicity of some performance and process capability indices, they are still considered as sensitive because of their strong relationship to input value designed for standard deviation.

Major Objectives of S4/IEE Application Examples

Different S4/IEE application examples are extremely useful for a wide range of users. An example of S4/IEE application is the satellite-level metric which allows you to create S4/IEE projects with an aim of improving your return on investment. It also allows you to use a cause & effect diagram which works in generating improvement ideas. S4/IEE application examples include the use of cause & effect matrix and require you to prioritize various items related to Six Sigma as a means of improving customer satisfaction. The application examples are also proven to be really useful because of their effectiveness in meeting customer needs, translating requirements of customers into more basic ones, breaking down barriers in organization and organizing, transferring and preserving knowledge.

What to Expect from the Free Six Sigma E-book?

If you decide to get your own copy of the free Six Sigma e-book, then you will be on your way towards generating the highest level of knowledge regarding Six Sigma and S4/IEE application examples. It works in increasing your knowledge about the following:

  • Improving product development
  • Performing quality function deployment (QFD) together with design of experiment (DOE)
  • Performing a functional and reliability test designed for an assembly
  • Performing development strategies for chemical products
  • Keeping track of ongoing compliance for products within the point of view of a process
  • Monitoring and improving times designed to change orders
  • How to improve the effectiveness of surveys containing employee opinions?
  • Performing improvement for processes and exposing concealed factory
  • How to effectively apply design of experiment as a means of increasing the traffic of a website?
  • Major qualifications for capital equipment

After learning about all these through the free Six Sigma e-book, you will no longer find it hard to become one of the most renowned Six Sigma experts and professionals at present.