Brainmeasures certifications are acknowledged globally and accepted by employers worldwide because Our courses provide in-depth knowledge of the subject, and candidate with thorough knowledge can pass Brainmeasures exam as our exams are conducted under surveillance of trained human proctors who ensure genuine candidate is taking the exam and check no unfair means are used to pass the exam, so candidates with genuine knowledge pass the exam. This is why Employers Worldwide trust and accept our certifications..

How this is true?


When a candidate registers for any of our programs. He has to submit his government approved identity proofs so that at time of test we can verify that the candidate who has appeared for the exam is genuine and the certificate issued to a right person.


Tests conducted under surveillance of trained human proctors who ensure that no unfair means used during tests.


When a candidate appears for Brainmeasures test he gets the feel of the classroom testing.


Throughout the test a human proctor is watching the candidate and ensures no unfair means are used and raise a red flag if notices suspicious activity.


During test proctor will watch the candidates screen, so that he cannot open any other window and if this happens his test will be canceled.


Keyboard strokes, eye movements, and voice of the candidate will be monitored.


No other person other than the candidate will be allowed if any such activity or voices or whispers heard Proctor has the authority to terminate the test.


After completing the exam, the recorded video of the entire test is sent to candidates account.


Certificate would mention that test was proctored by a human proctor.

Brainmeasures skill tests are developed by highly qualified professionals, who develop tests according to internationally acknowledged testing formats. In a nutshell, there is no scope for cheating only those candidates will pass the test who have the thorough knowledge of the subject.

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