Our Proctored Tests have Code Assess available. Employers can capitalize on this feature when recruiting Software Engineers to evaluate their programming skills.

Brainmeasures Proctored Tests are reasonably priced. You can take a test by purchasing points. 1point = $1. Most of our proctored tests can be purchased with 10 points i.e. $10. On purchasing 80 points or more, you become eligible for higher discounts

We believe that a testing environment could be stressful and does effect on a student�s score. Therefore, Proctored tests offer you the best and most comfortable setting.

Proctored tests authenticate the truthfulness of the student s entire transcription. When the final test is controlled by an objective proctor, it lends significant authenticity to a student s verified mastery and competency of the subject


What is a Proctor Test?

A Proctored test is controlled by an individual who supervises the candidates while they are taking the test. The primary role of a proctor is to guarantee the reliability and security of the test in a secure environment. In an educational institution or a business organization, proctored tests prove to be extremely effective and beneficial. Employers make a wide use of proctor tests in order to test the abilities and performance of a prospective employee and this process greatly helps them in their selection process. When a student takes a test under the observation of a proctor, it leads to an evocative authenticity to a student�s revealed mastery and competency of the subject. If a students performance in a particular test is assessed by individuals ware not acquainted with distance learning, proof of proctored tests can help in eliminating any questions in concern with the sincerity of the students work.


Proctored Test

An Effective solution for Individuals/Employers/Third Parties

Proctored tests have become a vital part of the performance evaluation process for various established organizations, educational institutions, individuals, and third parties looking to promote online education and certifications. Proctoring facilitatessecurely judging the performance and skills of the students or candidates appearing for the online proctored test. Faculties of universities and schools refer to an audit of the proctored exams as the evidence that a student attending an online school is aware of this accustomed practice of test supervision.


Proctors at Brainmeasures and In-house Testing

Brainmeasures employs skilled and experienced proctors for their testing system. Their proctors are certified professionals in invigilating online tests and are well versed with the proctoring procedures. Professional proctors possess a great sense of observation and are extremely vigilantwhenjudging if the candidate is violating the test procedures by referring to sources through incorrect means that may lead to cheating during the test. The proctors at Brainmeasurespossess the required expertisefor conducting these tests and use these tests extensively to facilitatein-house testing.Brainmeasures conducts various training sessions for their proctors in order to keep them updated and informed about the current practices and new developments.

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Technical Requirements

Technical Specifications Minimum Requirements Recommended
Web Camera 640x480 resolution 640x480 resolution
Windows Users Windows 10 Windows 11
Mac Users Mac OS vs 10.5 or higher Mac OS vs 10.5 or higher
Internet Download Speed .768 Mbps .768 Mbps
Internet Upload Speed .368 Mbps .368 Mbps
RAM 1024 MB 1024 MB
Port 1935 UDC, TCp 1935 UDC, TCp
Microphone - -
NOTE: At this time we do not support the Google Chromebook, Andorid Tablets, iPad, Linux OS, Microsoft Surface, etc. however, we are working on solutions to accommodate every platform

How does Brainmeasures online proctored test function?

Brainmeasures is the leading professional online certification company and provide you with the facility of proctor tests where you will be given the choice of selecting the period, day and time when you are prepared and ready to take the test. Our team at Brainmeasures, will check the availability of an experienced proctor for the date you have selected and will fix up a certain time with you. You will be notified about the time and day of the test and you will be expected to start your test on the exact date and time decided by you and our proctor. You will be expected to sit in a quiet room with your pc or laptop on a table and proctored test necessitates a functional web cam which you will be expected to switch on before taking the test.

How it works

Connect to proctor

You will connect with our live proctor via your web cam.

Connect your screen

You will connect your screen to the proctor. This will allow the proctor to view your computer screen.

Vlidation and Authentication

The proctor will need to check if you are a genuine test taker. The Proctor will ask you to show a photo id. The proctor would click a photo of you for your profile. Once that is done, the proctor will ask you a few questions about yourself and these questions are produced from a public information database.

Our proctor would be viewing you and your actions during the test. While taking up the test, you are not allowed to keep any of your books, belongings, material and objects on the table where you have your pc and screen. Since it is an online proctored test, you will be supervised by one of our proctors who would observe you while you are taking the test. Our proctor will be available in the entire duration of the time while you are taking up the test. Any kind of support, guidance and questions will be answered by our proctor. Our proctors are well experienced, trained and have all the required knowledge and expertise to conduct such highly professional tests. If you require any assistance or support, our proctor would guide you accordingly. Our proctors have been into the business of conducting such proctored tests and are aware of all the possibilities and requirements of an individual taking the test therefore they are good at managing and conducting such tests.

Proctored Test - Advantages

  • There are numerous advantages of a proctored test since it gives the proctor an opportunity to administer, supervise and observe the candidate taking the test online.
  • It enables you to integrate, validate and at the same time verify the performance of the candidate appearing for the test.
  • An online proctored exam enables you to save the cost in travelling to the test center.
  • Proctored tests are the best and most successful method of reassuring the genuineness of a candidate because it gives you the privilege of watching the student while he is completely involved in taking the test unlike distance learning through just online courses where you cannot see the student and are unsure of his personality and reliability.
  • Proctored tests save you from e-cheating which is the biggest barrier faced by an organization in selecting a genuine candidate.
  • The candidates cannot attempt to cheat by concealing note sheet or by any other source or by taking the help of another individual while taking the test.
  • It provides the benefit of an online classroom testing as per the candidate's convenience and their choice of schedule.
  • The actions performed by the candidates, including theireye movement and body language, can be observed to ensure the authenticity of their performance and competence.
  • Companies and Institutions can overcome the major problem of cheating and fraud which is very common in today's time and a major problem faced by employers.
  • Employers are highly benefitted by conducting proctored tests since it provides them an opportunity to evaluate the capabilities and assure authenticity of the prospective employees during their recruitment process.

Why choose Brainmeasures for your Proctor Test

The demand for proctored test is increasing manifold since it is the most efficient process of testing and validating the reliability, security and genuineness of the performance of an individual appearing for the test. Brainmeasures offers the best services and is the leading online certification company for skill testing and professional online proctored certifications. The expert team of Brainmeasures comprise of experienced, professional and highly educated staff that not only has the knowledge but are also well experienced since proctored tests have been conducted on many occasions and the proctors with Brainmeasures have a good experience of conducting such tests. Brainmeasures offer excellent discounts, support systems and great deals for the participants of their courses. The proctors at Brainmeasures devote a lot of time in training, developing and gaining more experience in order to provide the best services to the test takers. They make the test takers comfortable and provide all the guidance and support required by them while they are taking their test. Proctors at Brainmeasures observe, study and carefully watch the actions of the test takers and are highly experienced and qualified in this process. There have been many organizations, institutions and groups who have used our proctored tests to test and hire suitable candidates for their businesses. On a daily basis, our proctors conduct such tests and we receive regular bookings for our Proctor tests by students and employers for their recruitment process.

Online Proctoring TIPS

Here are a few online proctoring tips that would be helpful for you:

  • If this is your first test with Brainmesures, please visit to test your equipment before logging in. Make sure you close all other windows and software webcam before you visit the page.
  • Your room should be well lit and quiet and a private room in order to avoid any disturbance. Overhead lighting is preferred and you should have daylight quality of light in your room. Please make sure your light source is not exactly behind you since that might obstruct your proctor from seeing you clearly.
  • You should have your photo ID ready.
  • Try to bring a reflective surface such as a mirror, CD or DVD so that you can show the edges of your monitor to your proctor.
  • Be sure about your webcam, microphone and speakers. Check them once if they are installed and working properly.
  • Be sure about your computer that it is in working order.

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Proctore For Employers/Businesses

Brainmeasures provides this facility of proctored tests for the Employers for recruitment process in their organization. Employers can use the proctored tests by Brainmeasures to test the performance of their prospective candidates and this further enables improved decision making and recruitment of better candidates. Having gone through the proctored test, their performance evaluation would be authentic since there is no room for cheating or fraud while they are appearing for a proctored test. Employers may enroll existing employees for various certification programs in order to enhance their skills and register them for proctored tests to evaluate their performance.


Proctore For Educational Institutions/Third Parties

There have been many instances where Brainmeasures has associated with third party and institutions offering post-graduation and higher education.Universities and Higher Educational Institutions that encourage distance learning or even full-time Post Graduation Courses, Master degrees or Phd's, can be extremely benefitted by using Proctored Tests to evaluate the performance of their students pertaining to their course or subject. Proctored Tests are high in demand these days since they give an assurance to the institutions about their students' performance and skills. They can perfectly judge a student's knowledge and experience in the subject through a proctored test.


How do I schedule an exam