Love Calculator
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Calculates Whether You have Fallen in Love with Someone.
How often in the day do you get positive feelings in your heart or butterflies in your stomach when you think of the other person? :   
Do you stare into each others eyes without blinking? :   
How many times a day do you get a feeling of wanting to meet the other person? :   
How often do you both start to say the same thing at the same time? :   
On hearing the other person's voice, you feel an inner tingling or excitement? :   
Has there been any significant change in your sleep pattern while in love? :   
Have there been any significant changes in your eating habits while in love? :   

This section describes the Love Calculator

All human beings feel to be in love with some body during their life time. Symptoms of love can leave different types of affects on different people. Some people enjoy this feeling and it remains a  More Details

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