Kasch Pulse Recovery Calculator
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Use This Calculator To Find Your Cardiovascular Fitness Level
What was Your Heart Beat Rate/Min 5 Seconds After The Step up and Step Down on a 12" High Bench :   

This Section Explains the Kasch Pulse Recovery Calculator

A safe and easy way of finding out the Cardiovascular fitness of your body is the Kasch Pulse Recovery Method. The test should be conducted under medical supervision if you have any type of heart disease or weakness.

The Kasch pulse recovery test should be performed as following

1. Step up and down on a bench of 12" height, for three minutes.
2. Perform the step-up and step-down motions at a fixed pace of 24 complete steps per minute.
3. At the end of three minutes stop the stepping motion and sit down on the bench.
4. Do not talk and begin taking your pulse 5 seconds after sitting down. Observe your pulse for one minute.
5. Use this calculator to know your Cardiovascular fitness level.  More Details

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