Brainmeasures Clients Testimonials
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Lori Bishop

Graphical Designer
Our magazine has a lot of work put into it to stay cutting edge and compete with all the fancy websites that’re killing periodicals left and right. So, as it got more complex, our projects got harder and harder to handle. But, I tried the Kaizen project management certification at brainmeasures, and the strategies it’s given me have made it so much less of a daily grind.

Mark Frost
Business software developer
Our deadlines are killer for the tax calculation software we release, because tax parameters for each state change each year. That’s a lot of stuff to keep track of, and it had my head spinning at times. I love my job, but the stress was a bit much. The Kaizen management course at brainmeasures showed me that it doesn’t have to eb a battle as much as finding a flow. Things have never been better on my team.

Jose Palacios
Game design overseer
Our games aren’t that easy to develop. I have to oversee the graphic design teams, of which there are ten, the musicians, writers, programmers, and so many other little niches it’s ridiculous. Our deadlines were being missed at a lot of key points in some projects, and the Kaizen course on brainmeasures showed me what I was missing in tying it all together. If your job is as hair pulling as mine, this course is a must.

Michiko Takashi
Web services R&D lead
We have so many projects going at the same time that need to work together, and it’s always been a logistics nightmare expensive in both time and money. But the Kaizen course, with its Zen approach to business and project management really seems to make everything work in parallel, not grind like stripped gears. This is worth a look.

Joanne Roberts
Events coordinator, renowned convention center
Managing big conventions and the events within them is a bit of a crazy job. I was about to quit honestly, and look into a nice peaceful job in an office somewhere. These cycled projects are just so stressful. Then I found the relaxed attitude and can-do mindset of the Kaizen course at brasinmeasures was just the pain killer for those grinds. Now we’re not racing against time because it always falls into place like a well-tuned machine