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Brainmeasures Clients Testimonials
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Sally Green
Publication layout designer

It was hard to manage our projects in a timely fashion so we also stayed under budget while getting the optimum work out of everyone. Like orchestrating an electric symphony on batteries. But, I needed to not skimp on my staff’s pay that wouldn’t do. Thankfully the lean management course at brainmeasures showed me where I could strip out redundancy, and stay under budget. I want my colleagues to look into this too.

Richard Middleton
Web game publisher

We’re always making new updates for our flash based games and multiplayer games. The more features we keep packing in the more our customers will love what we are selling them. That way everyone wins. To make this such a success, I had all the departments including myself take the lean management course from brainmeasures.com. It showed how to inexpensively and efficiently time and manage resources and work flow. I highly recommend it to software groups, but probably to anyone who has to manage people.

Andrew Porter
Marketing, paper company

Trying to get our new formulas of paper set for manufacturing, packaging, shipping and retail is stressful enough, but getting it prepared to be presented to the public, to get their interest is a whole other form of heck. Thankfully there are methods to make things flow right and stay in budget and this lean management course is one of the best approaches I’ve heard of. It works for us, it’ll probably work for you too.

Jolene Descartes
Mobile device design firm

Making our phones release at the right time for peak market acceptance with just the right features that safely push the envelope of what the technology can affordably do is a daily work load for me and my team. We have to watch budgets, and carefully conduct everything just so, it’s a fun job, but rigorous too. I don’t know how I’d be this successful with it without a good strategy behind my managerial approach, and this lean management course will give you the same techniques that’s got us at the top of the market for second tier mobiles.

Marina Johnson
Independent game developer project leader

This course has allowed us to make our mark with greater accuracy, and at al over cost to us, which we can then pass on in savings to our loyal followers and our publishers. It benefits everyone when you run your projects like fuel efficient and loved machines, rather than Clydesdale workhorses. Try this course, you’ll see what I mean on page 1!