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Platinium Personal Trainer Certification is Combo of 12 Fitness related Courses at $299

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The platinum course by Brainmeasures for personal trainer certification couldn't find a better name for itself. It's certainly as valuable as platinum, if you're in the personal trainer field.

Brainmeasures First Aid course is a 120 page in-depth course material covering all aspects of the subject.

The First Aid course in this platinum personal trainer certification is not just a chapter or even a section of chapters in a singular course. No, this is a complete self-contained Brainmeasures course all in itself. First aid, not unlike CPR, is a crucial and vital thing that a personal trainer, coach or instructor ought to have a certified education in before even beginning to work in the athletic or fitness industries.

This course is a full first aid course, certifiable and complete. It will allow you to identify an injury when it happens, and contain the damage and help reduce the pain. Also, this allows you to give an accurate report of the injury when contacting paramedics, so they are even more readied for response on arrival.

It’s a fact that many athletes who had permanent injuries that resulted in their loss of ability to practice their craft could have been either prevented or made impermanent. Being a Brainmeasures Platinum Personal Trainer means you are equipped with adequate knowledge of First Aid to ensure your athletes never face such an issue.

Of course there are other elements of the course also like the sports nutrition course which will teach you how to make a better athlete utilizing the power of diet, but the First Aid course demands your utmost attention as it tells you how to prevent and minimize damage.

The key to making sure that an injury is less severe and long-lasting is dealing with it appropriately in the first minutes of its discovery, before the paramedics arrive. . A certified personal trainer should be swift in action when required and this course makes sure that no potential scenario commonly encountered in the real world is left unexplored. It equips you tohandle accidents in a correct and professional manner.

A thorough knowledge of First Aid is a vital aspect of personal training. A race car driver better know how to fix his car, and a personal trainer better know how to help contain damage to an athlete’s body just as readily.

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Knowing first aid
Become Certified Personal Trainer @ $299
This can save a life or an athletic career.
Certifiable on insurance and code documents.
Ability to reduce the long term severity of injuries.
Identify an injury, its severity, and use this to accurately report the problem to emergency services.
Qualifications allowing a wider base of employment opportunity in the training and athletic industries.An all inclusive personal trainer course which includes all 12 related courses knowledge of which is must to become an expert personal trainer.
Full fledged courses included in this package are personal trainer, personal trainer, Master trainer, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga, CPR, First Aid, Weight Management, Health Club Management, Youth Fitness, Senior fitness, Sports Nutrition.
12 Fitness related Courses at $299

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  This completele package together has a total of 2100 page course material.