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Platinium Personal Trainer Certification is Combo of 12 Fitness related Courses at $299

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The platinum course by Brainmeasures for personal trainer certification couldn't find a better name for itself. It's certainly as valuable as platinum, if you're in the personal trainer field.

Brainmeasures Sports Nutrition course is a 120 page in-depth course material covering all aspects of the subject.

So why does the platinum personal trainer certification contain a whole sports nutrition course? Isn’t sports nutrition just using a prefab diet, and drinking sports drinks and eating energy bars and protein shakes? Isn’t it all about just keeping off the chocolate and sticking to the carrots?

Hardly! Sports nutrition is actually a complex subject, and one of absolute importance in the personal training industry. You'd think a weight management course can give you all the knowledge to plan a healthy diet for your client, but when talking of athletes – never forget that their nutrition needs are very different and hence the need for a proper sports nutrition course.   An athlete can exercise until the moon turns to cheese, but if they don’t give their body the proper fuel to support the growth and honing that the exercise is intended to induce, then it’s all for nothing, and can actually be bad for the health of the athlete.

The fact is that starving oneself or eating nothing but vegetables and soy is not going to do much more than make you sluggish and miserable. The truth is, the use of biology and an understanding of the human body’s metabolism is a far better approach to planning proper nutrition and diet for an athlete. It’s actually possible to make a diet plan with good foods that are enjoyable and of pleasant portion size.

With this, the athlete is well-fueled, healthier, and much happier. It’s hard to train someone who’s miserable and longing for the long lost joy of a hamburger.

This is a complete, certifiable sports nutrition course that could be taught by itself as a sports nutrition certification course with no alterations. A Brainmeasures Platinum personal trainer certification is known for its comprehensiveness and the inclusion of a sports nutrition course justifies it to the core!

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Knowing Sports Nutrition
Become Certified Personal Trainer @ $299
A grasp of biology and how metabolism works.
A medical and dietetic understanding of nutrition and diet.
A grasp on how to prepare a diet and nutrition plan for athletes that's not a chore to follow.
The ability to help athletes tune their bodies to be the fierce machines they are reaching to be.
An all inclusive personal trainer course which includes all 12 related courses knowledge of which is must to become an expert personal trainer.
Full fledged courses included in this package are personal trainer, master trainer, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga, CPR, First Aid, Weight Management, Health Club Management, Youth Fitness, Senior fitness, Sports Nutrition.
12 Fitness related Courses at $299

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This completele package together has a total of 2100 page course material.