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Platinium Personal Trainer Certification is Combo of 12 Fitness related Courses at $299

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The platinum course by Brainmeasures for personal trainer certification couldn't find a better name for itself. It's certainly as valuable as platinum, if you're in the personal trainer field.

Brainmeasures Yoga course is a 250 page in-depth course material covering all aspects of the subject and animated illustartions.

No points for guessing why YOGA has been included in this 12 course plan, Yoga is not new, despite its popularity and public awareness being relatively recent. Historically, Several Asian and Indian cultures have practiced yoga as a meditation and wellness exercise for a very long time, thousands of years or more.

It is a low impact exercise and stretching regimen intended to aid in mental discipline, flexibility, as well as physical fitness. Despite being much less hectic or energetic than aerobics or Pilates, it is still considerably useful for burning calories as well as toning muscles.

While not limited to this demographic, yoga is a very popular form of exercise among women, due to its laid back, relaxing nature and stress-relieving properties. Many professional athletes both men and women also actively pursue this exercise as part of their regimen.Not just athletes, yoga is also very useful for pregnant ladies, stressed professionals, adolescents and senior citizens.

As you study this course material, you will realize that there is something in it for everyone, no matter the age. So while a senior fitness course concentrates on fitness for the geriatric, sports nutrition course concentrates on athletes, the online yoga course caters to everybody. It teaches a new way of life.

Brainmeasures online yoga course and certification exam are designed primarily to teach the methods for using and instructing others in using yoga exercises. While it is also useful in other fields, this is primarily applicable to those in fitness and wellness fields, or those with an interest in them.

Why Yoga course has been included in the Platinum Personal trainer Certification

While the primary goal of this course is to teach and train future or current health and fitness instructors in the art of yoga, and how to appropriately teach it to classes (thus diversifying their range of wellness fields as well), it is also useful for other applications.

Therefore, this course is useful for practical applications outside the professional world, as well as within.Many different forms of Yoga like Power Yoga, Hot Yoga and others are fast gaining popularity in the world and we believe that a Brainmeasures Platinum Personal trainer ought to have knowledge of this miraculous science of healing.

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Knowing Yoga

This course teaches many aspects of yoga.

How yoga works and its history.
Yoga and its effects on the body.
Become Certified Personal Trainer @ $299
Leadership skills needed to teach anything to people.
Managing classes so to get the optimal teaching to the optimal amount of people efficiently.
Understanding of how to introduce yoga to people of various ages and walks of life, slowly and safely.
An all inclusive personal trainer course which includes all 12 related courses knowledge of which is must to become an expert personal trainer.
Full fledged courses included in this package are personal trainer, master trainer, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga, CPR, First Aid, Weight Management, Health Club Management, Youth Fitness, Senior fitness, Sports Nutrition.
12 Fitness related Courses at $299

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  This completele package together has a total of 2100 page course material.