Brainmeasures Clients Testimonials
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Marianne Henderson
College student
It’s so great to be able to make the extra money to be comfortable while I’m still in college. I can study at home while babysitting, and afford my living expenses that my scholarship doesn’t cover. If it weren’t for the certification in babysitting brainmeasures gave me, I’d never have this much work.

Ray Shapiro
At home web designer

I took the brainmeasures babysittign certification so I could feel secure in my self when I needed to watch my nephew for my sister on occasion. But now, I’m getting all of these pet sitting jobs, oddly enough, from the wealthier people in this neighborhood, because they see the certification as a sign I can be responsible period. I like being seen that way, thanks brainmeasures.

Lupe Martinez
I got bored around the house while my husband was at work, and I wanted to find something to do for myself, to have more purpose. I like to work, and I like to make money. He takes care of us but I want to do my share. So I took the brainmeasures babysitting certification course, and now I can watch children for working mothers I know and make some extra money. I love kids, so this is perfect for me.

Luke Warren
Tour guide, factory
I landed a job guiding children’s tours at the candy factory down town thanks to the brainemasures babysitting course being on my resume. They saw I was qualified and responsible with the safety and welfare of children, and decided it’d be a good job for me. It got me off the assembly line and into a field I find much more rewarding.

Nina Dawson
Daycare manager, company daycare center
I didn’t like my secretarial position at the company at all, but I didn’t really know any other way to keep job security – it’s a good company and not one you throw away a job with. But, with the spare time I had simply redirecting phone calls all day, I was able to take the brainmeasures babysitting certification course. Now I run the company daycare, playing with the children and making them smile.