Brainmeasures Clients Testimonials
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Sara keith (florida , US)
My blog was going nowhere, no matter how much effort I poured into it, and I couldn't figure out why. But then, looking at the successful blogs, I realized that it was because my writing skills were just not up to par.

So after searching for a few different topics - creative writing certification, creative writer certification, author certification, I found the course for how to become a creative writer on brainmeasures.com.

Thanks to brainmeasures.com, my online creative writing skills have increased exponentially, and now my blog is getting thousands of hits a day, and I can make a living off of it like I always wanted.
Thank you, brainmeasures.com, for your amazing online creative writing courses.

Meg D'souza ( California, US)
Having always wanted a job in the journalism field, I decided it might be best to start with getting a creative writing certification. After a lot of searching and comparing, I found that the one on brainmeasures.com was the best one going, and it wasn't expensive by comparison.

So after a month of intensive study, and a comprehensive test, I have my author certification now. I'm starting my new job at an online press release site next week and I can't wait. If you're looking to become a certified creative writer, and don't have time to attend a creative writing school, this is the best place to go.

Seriously, brainmeasures.com is the place to look if you want to become a creative writer. When I'm ready to write my novel next year (I hope), the book writing certification aspect is a blessing too.

Dieago Albert ( Venezula)s
Brainmeasures.com has the best content developer course and commercial writing certification system I have ever seen. Being in the publishing industry, I need to keep my vast writing staff well-educated in this ever changing field, and it was expensive to keep sending them to classes or hiring new blood every quarter.

Thanks to brainmeasures.com I have a long term, standard plan for keeping my existing employees up to speed on the changing face of literature and the written word. And it's affordable to boot.

Perry Anderson ( United Kingdom)
Online creative writing is a challenging field for a freelance writer like me. Thanks to brainmeasures.com, though, I am able to get all of the commissions I can handle. Their creative writer certification course has given me the credentials to garner the attention of big companies and well-paying individuals alike.

I am so grateful for brainmeasures.com, they have changed my life for the better no doubt. I recommend their affordable creative writing certification without hesitation. Give this a try, and don't thank me for recommending it, thank breainmeasures.com for being there for us all!

Goerge Ashley (Vancouver , Canada)
I'd been promoted to a PR writer at my company, and I didn' know a thing about writing in that regard. I drafted reports and presentations, and those are only entertaining or noteworthy to people sitting behind the big desks in the corner offices. I was sweating bullets.

Then I discovered brainmeasures.com and their writing certification courses. Now I'm a certified creative writer who can create effective, dynamic content that relates my company to the world with flying colors.

I am so happy I found brainmeasures.com and their creative writing courses. They're a lifesaver. Try it, you will not be disappointed.