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13Total Quality Management Certification85
14Business Analyst Certification99
95Business Plan Writing Certification99
96Business Writing Certification-Corporate Communicators 99
97Business Writing Certification99
98Business Economics Writing Certification99
99Effective Writing Certiifcation99
100Knowledge of Banking Course99
101Master of Hiring Certification99
102Brand Management Certification99
103Business planning certification99
104Business Risk Management Certification99
105Global Banking Certification99
106Risk Management in Banking Certification99
108Business Etiquette Certification99
110Business Mathematics Certification99
114Business Economics Certification99
115Business Continuity Management Certification99
116Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing Certification99
117Corporate Finance Certification99
118Financial analysis and decision making certification99
130Financial Risk Management Certification99
132Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel Certification99
161Global Business Etiquette Certification85
162Email Etiquette Certification85
190Business Strategy Certification99
194Small Business Development Certification85
195Business Economics Strategy Certification99
196Business Process Management Certification 85
202International Business Strategy Certification99
203E-Business Management Certification85
224International Sales Law Certification99
226Mastering Salesforce Certification85
227Sales Management and Organization Certification85
233Selling Certification (for Small Business Owners)85
240Human Resource Management Certification99
241IT Business Management Certification85
242Managerial Leadership Skills Certification85
245Guerrilla Marketing Certification85
246IT Outsourcing Management Certification 85
252Commercial Risk Management Certification85
256Supply Chain Management Certification85
264SAP Enterprise Management Certification85
266WordPress Certification85
278PowerPoint Presentation Certification85
279Marketing Certification85
280Product Manager Certification85
313Service Management Certification85
315Estate Planning Certification85
316Event Marketing Certification85
320Wedding Planning Certification85
321Event Coordination Certification85
322Event Managers Certification85
399Presentation Skills Certification-for Managers85
414Customer Service Certification85
420Front Office Management Certification85
423Managing People Certification 85
424Mastering Marketing Certification99
433Direct Marketing Certification85
439CRM Certification99
440Customer Care Certification85
443Marketing Strategy Certification99
444Telephone Sales Certification85
451Online Business Marketing Strategy Certification 85
474Stress Management Certification85
493Business Coaching Certification85
569Business Certification 85
572Online Business Certification99
580Business Process Technology Certification85
671Corporate Strategy Certification99
673Business Performance Management Certification99
676Event Planning Certification99
683Hotel Management and Operations Certification99
692Decision Making Certification99
716Business Process Certification99
757Business Ethics Certification99
789Complex Decision Making Certification99
790Corporate Blogging Certification99
791Corporate Communication Certification85
795Customer Management Certification85
800Organizational Skills Certifications85
809Organizational Behaviour Certification99
811Coaching at Work Certification99
819Meeting Management Certification85
820Presentation Skills Certification85
826International Human Resource Management Certification99
828People Skills Certification85
833Quantitative Methods Certification99
834Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Certification99
1013Behavioural Economics Certification99
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