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The platinum course by Brainmeasures for personal trainer certification couldn't find a better name for itself. It's certainly as valuable as platinum, if you're in the personal trainer field.
Exam Course
Platinum Personal Trainer Certification Exam consists of 100 Multiple Choice Questions with 4-5 right answer options and you have to choose one correct answer option.

All subjects will be given equal weightage in the certification exam.

Number of Questions: 100
Time Allowed: 60 min
Navigation Allowed: you can go back to change the answers of questions you have already attempted.
Pass percentage: 60%

Concept of progressive resistance training is:
1- Concept of progressive resistance training is:
   a) to progressively add in weights with every set
   b) to start training at 200 pounds
   c) to increase the amount of training done over a specific amount of time
   d) to decrease the amount of training done as more muscle is built
Answer – c
2- For targeting chest, which one of the given below exercise will you choose?
   a) Dumbbell Raise
   b) Reverse Calf Raise
   c) Reverse Preacher Curl with EZ Bar
   d) decline cable fly
Answer – d
3- A muscle, which is directly responsible for a joint movement is also known as
   a) Stabilizer
   b) Antagonist
   c) Agonist
   d) Synergist
   e) Target
Answer – c
4- While performing chest compressions on adults, to what depth should the chest be
   a) 0.5 to 1 inch
   b) 1.5 to 2 inches
   c) 2 to 2.3 inches
   d) 1 to 1.5 inches
Answer – b
5- What do the symptoms such as suffering from high fever, headache, nausea, dry skin,
    rapid pulse and disorientation indicates?
   a) Heat Stroke
   b) Hypothermia
   c) Hypertension
   d) Hyperventilation
   e) None of the above
Answer - a

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