This course includes a wide array of features that exceed what any other course in this subject could possibly hope to present for ten times the money this costs. Other courses by other providers only wish they could provide such an inclusive and thorough course as this one.

This course includes first and foremost an insight into the medical aspect of personal training that can’t be beat by anyone else out there. The importance of this medical information cannot be overlooked at all.  Injuries can result from improper exercising. Without the proper warm ups and stretches, as well as cool down routines and safe practices within the exercise phase itself, then the human body, like any machine if run incorrectly, can break irreparably.

In the case of an injury, which can happen from time to time no matter what, there is a lot in this course for awareness of how to handle it. Not only does this course provide preventative measures that can help reduce the risks (nobody else can provide such an insightful look into this), but it also provides detailed information on various kinds of basic injuries and the first aid needed to treat them while awaiting medical assistance.
This can help reduce the severity and long term effects of the injury. Some injuries that athletes suffer, which cost them their ability to pursue their athletic interest, would have been far less permanent, had their trainers had this responsive and preventative knowledge which this course and no other can provide readily.

The nutrition and dietary information is just as extensive and critical for similar reasons. A balanced diet, but not one that makes eating a chore is also a big part of staying fit and happy at the same time. People look to personal trainers to provide dietary and nutritional guidance on top of exercise guidance. This course provides more detailed dietary knowledge, by certified nutritionists and other professionals, than any other course.

The psychological aspect of training people is also immense, and covered here with a competence that no other course can provide. This course offers ways to maintain morale and self-esteem as well as the drive to achieve, which no other existing course has ever attempted.

This course and certification program includes a package of 12 courses and all these courses  are related to field of personal training and a personal trainer must have knowledge of these. Once you go through the entire course material then you can go for certification exam.

The certification exam is comprehensive, 100 questions long, and each question is part of a crucial knowledge base that professionals in the field would require someone to know before entrusting training athletes to them, and no question is filler.

Ultimately, the biggest feature of this all-inclusive course is how it is designed and who designed it. Brainmeasures courses, especially this one, are designed by actual people who are experts in their field. This means that this course was designed by real personal trainers, ones successful and respected in the industry, that have real world knowledge that not only educates you in the field, but has you ready to practice this learning right away, without any fumbling.
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