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Platinium Personal Trainer Certification is Combo of 12 Fitness related Courses at $299, Become certified Personal trainer

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The platinum course by Brainmeasures for personal trainer certification couldn't find a better name for itself. It's certainly as valuable as platinum, if you're in the personal trainer field.

Brainmeasures Personal Trainer course is a 200 page course material which includes over 130 animated images of verious exercises

The Brainmeasures standard personal trainer course is a core trainer certification that has been provided with much applause by Brainmeasures for some time. This course is of course no-nonsense, focusing on the necessities of personal training, based upon facts and learning from actual experts in the applied field.

However, this core personal training course is just one of a series of self-contained courses that have been cleverly blended into the Brainmeasures platinum personal trainer certification. This course is the ultimate in personal trainer certifications, and no higher certification level exists.

Starting with this basic personal trainer core subset, this platinum course set is designed to take someone with absolute zero knowledge and train them to be the penultimate experts in their fields. This course teaches additional, vital knowledge that no other rookie personal trainer could compete with in the job market nor within the company.

This Fitness certification shows a dedication by the student to not only excellence in personal trainer services, but also a dedication to hard work and focus in general. This is not a course that someone with a mere hobby interest in personal training can easily pass.

Wearing the badge of platinum certification from Brainmeasures not only quickly delivers to you the quality expertise that is synonymous with Brainmeasures training, but it also says a lot about you. It shows your acceptance of hard work, your dauntless ability to face challenges, and your utter dedication to doing things right.
No other company offers a course set this inclusive and powerful for any price.

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12 Fitness related Courses at $299

Personal Trainer
Become Certified Personal Trainer @ $299
Help you become the ultimate personal trainer.
An all inclusive course which will give you from a basic to advanced knowledge of the field.
Professionally developed course material aided with animated images to explain how to execute various exercises with perfection.
An all inclusive personal trainer course which includes all 12 related courses knowledge of which is must to become an expert personal trainer.
Full fledged courses included in this package are personal trainer, master trainer, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga, CPR, First Aid, Weight Management, Health Club Management, Youth Fitness, Senior fitness, Sports Nutrition.
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  This completele package together has a total of 2100 page course material.