Personal Trainer Testimonials

Rosalind Weaver

I’ve seen so much of an improvement in my girls on the court since I started using what this course taught me. Not only are they happier, healthier and in better shape all around, but they seem to like my coaching methods better now too.

This is the first year we’ve made it to finals since this school was founded, and I owe it all to what I learned from this certification. Thanks guys.

Alexey Krislov
Boxing Coach

When the old gym I worked at closed down, I thought nobody would have a place for a gruff old bird like me. I looked for a job, and even though I qualified for a retirement fund at this point in my life, I like working.

I’m glad I’m a bit of an internet hobbyist, because I found your course on the web and took it. And now, the certification is opening up doors to do what I love doing in an even better location. Terrific!

Rob Cohen
Football Coach, College

Well I feel like a jerk for blaming my players for this in the past, we haven’t had a good season in ages. I worked and worked them, and still the results weren’t any good. In time, they started to resent me, and I was at a rick of not only losing players, but also my job.

This course’s insights improved my ability to train and coach my men, and with that, our game went through the roof. Thanks to Brainmeasures, everything couldn’t be better.

Randall Bailey
Personal Trainer

You couldn’t find a better certification course in personal training if you tried. I’ve been in this field for twenty years, and I actually bought this course to go ahead and improve myself and hopefully gain more business with the certification.
Sure enough, it works.

Amber Jensen
Personal Trainer

Were it not for this course, I would have thought it impossible to get into this field to start with. Everyone else’s courses are a mess, time consuming, and have little satisfying results. But that’s not the case with this course.

I went from knowing nothing to being a certified personal trainer of the highest level and quality in just seven weeks. Absolutely wonderful.

Raymond Mariner

Personal Trainer

I had a lot of choices in how I became a personal trainer. There’s community college, do-it-yourself books at stores, and various online companies, more than I have hairs on my head. Guess what? Out of all of them I chose this course, and they weren’t kidding when they said it was the best and most comprehensive. Rock on Brainmeasures.

Sally Wainwright
Girls’ Basketball Coach
When our school did a large staff review, I knew I was slated for dismissal after the abysmal couple years we’ve had with almost no wins whatsoever. That said, I am really glad I found this course, because the tremendously advanced training it gave me has given me an edge in coaching (even if it’s impersonal training) that makes the school unwilling to part with me.
You saved my job, guys.

Geoff Underhill

Track Coach

I have to do a lot of one-on-one training with my runners. I was never that good at personal training like that before. But when I found your platinum course, that changed almost overnight, figuratively speaking.
The personal end of the training was such that now I look forward to the one-on-one coaching part of this job, because the runners aren’t just my team players anymore, now they’re my friends. This was awesome.

Tad Gustafson

Gym Owner

I took this course myself, and immediately wanted all of my instructors and my personal trainers to take it without hesitation. My people are good, but there’s some truth to the fact that you can never run out of room to improve yourself. This course sure did, because our business has never been better, and our clients have never been more satisfied with our service.

Eddie Siler
Basketball Coach, Youth Center

This was a great course, and it gave me some skills with working with the boys at the center much more closely, and much more professionally than I ever could before. With my ability to train them better, their skills in the game are also improving, and this makes them happier and feel more fulfilled.

If they’re happy and their lives are improved positively, then I am happy. And I couldn’t be this happy without Brainmeasures.

Willy Cromwell
Personal Trainer

This is the best course online for this industry, take it from someone who’s trained ten regional championship boxers in my career. This course will teach you everything you need to know, with no bull in the process, and give you a lean, useful set of knowledge and experience to make your career take off.

I stand by this course and recommend it to anyone who expresses an interest in my industry.

Hollis Farrell
Gym Manager

Since we started using this course to train our new trainers and instructors, we’ve seen a tremendous boost to business the likes of which we could never have anticipated. Professional athletes are starting to use our services, and tons of normal people are flocking through our doors. I can only assume it’s the improved quality that this course gave us all in practicing our industry.

Harry Wells
Physical Educator

This is the best course out there for what it teaches. It’s even a step up from the other courses that this site offers, going even further to teach the important things in this field. There’s a lot to be said for this too, because contrary to popular belief, this isn’t an easy field to teach nor is it easy to master.

The physical sciences of the body and mind are a complex discipline, and good proper training like this is a

Luanne Summers
Basketball Coach

I wanted to offer some optional personal training courses to my girls, to help them improve if they felt they needed it, and the school was budgeted to accommodate my extra work, pay-wise. But I really wasn’t sure I was competent with such an up close, one on one kind of training as it stood.

This course, especially considering how much it presents in its material, was very affordable, very base-covering, and very quick to get me where I needed to be. This course was perfect, and the extra training is a screaming success.

Wilson Ellis
Swimming Instructor

I always felt I could do better than I was doing with my training competence. I wanted one of my students to actually have the potential to go pro. So I looked and looked for training in personal trainer skills, and wow, this course looked spiffy.

It took little time to get this course completed, and I couldn’t believe the insights into training that this course provided for me. This course is terrific and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to train people better.

Nicholas Van Horne
Personal Trainer

I wouldn’t have gotten this job without this course. I needed a new direction in my life and this economy is heck. Well, I wanted to be a personal trainer as a kid, and I looked into it again, and it didn’t seem like something I could get into easily until I found this course.

With a little hard work, this course can empower anyone to be a personal trainer if they want it badly. This course was great, I recommend it without reservation.

Lena Davis
Neighborhood Soccer Coach / Mother

Well, the neighborhood soccer league we have going for the kids has been the best thing for them since we put it together. Youth crime in our neighborhood is nil, and the other parents tell me the kids are much better-tempered and laid back, their energy having a place to expend itself.

I wanted to make this all I could, and this course let me turn this not just into a good influence for the children, but their self-esteem is much better, now that they’re winners.

Harvey Temple

This course is fast and to the point. It gives you what you need to be a good physical trainer, and teaches you above and beyond what other courses do, but without the time less-involving courses like it do. If you want to be an athletic trainer of any sort, especially a personal trainer, then this is the course for you.

There are others out there, but none of them match the competence of this one.

Greta Faye
Senior fitness instructor
When they wanted to move me to one on one training at the senior center I work at, I just knew it was going to be trouble. I have no people skills in that sense nor do I have any personal trainer … training. Well, at least that was the case before I took this course. The center paid for it, but I have to commend its affordability and its thoroughness in teaching and its speed in doing so.

I got a raise for my efforts and I actually find that with these skills in place, I like the personal trainer thing pretty good. This is the best course for it, as far as my research can give me.

Calvin Rollins
Personal Trainer

I’m a big hit at the gym where I provide personal training. There’s nobody that has a record of success with trainees like I do. I can’t really speak for myself being any more of an elite person in my field than anyone I work with, but whenever anyone asks me how I got these skills so quickly at my age, I give them your website.
This course, before I took it I didn’t know jack about athletics or personal training or anything of the sort. That was less than a year ago. And now, this. So let that speak for how good your course is!

David Zimmerman
Personal Trainer

This course is very thorough, more so than any other course of the like I looked into when I wanted my personal trainer hobby to go pro. I’ve trained my friends, unofficially, in their athletic interests. I liked doing it and I seemed to have the natural raw talent for it, according to them.

This course took my potential and made me a certified professional, and a darn good one. I have three professional boxers and one professional track runner who come to me for general personal training, and they say I’ll have their business indefinitely. Wow.

Tom Cantrell
Personal Trainer

I have actually written materials on personal training myself in the past, and I thought my stuff was alright, I handed it out to my assistants to help bring them up to speed in our training methods and the basics so I could at least be in more than one place at a time.

But this course is affordable enough and so blindingly better than the one I put together that I can’t help but spend the money on giving them the real deal in training. And you know what, it’s better to have a staff of real personal trainers at my side than just some partly trained assistants.
Good show guys.

Neil Fortman
High School Coach
My school was going to cut me for a young buck if I didn’t get some new certifications in training to provide our less skilled athletes on the team some real one on one training time. Well, at first I just resigned myself to an early, if modest retirement. I like what I do though and I don’t want to be squeezed out by some youngster who thinks he’s the bee’s knees.
So I took this course and it solved the problem sure enough. Not only did it save my skin, but it also gave me those skills to polish our athletes to be the best they could. We’re on a fairly consistent winning streak now, and we project next year we’ll take the trophy.

Leonard Goldberg
Gym trainer
This course is huge, and it’s very thorough. This course taught my staff all they needed to know, and then some, in half the time other courses would have taken, and the price tag was pretty agreeable. This course is the best one for its purpose I can find at any rate.
Would I recommend this course? Without hesitation. Would I recommend Brainmeasures for any other learning? As far as I would be confident in recommending anything to someone not in my field, and that’s saying a lot because I have opinions on everything. Ask my wife.

Jamie Brown
Personal Trainer

I can’t speak for college courses, but classrooms do suck pretty bad, I never liked them. In fact I don’t like the scholastic thing whatsoever, and whenever I have to take a course or study or learn for my job, you can hear the groan I make from the moon.
Needless to say, I want any course I must take for my job to be well planned, and cover everything in one fell swoop, without taking forever or giving me a migraine. This course is just that. Anyone who wants to learn this field, regardless of how they do or don’t like school stuff, I recommend this course.

Luna Baker
Women’s Softball Coach

Well I’m not a personal trainer, but I will say this course helped me train my girls far better than I could before. It helped me see the human angle, as well as fill in some stuff I just used basic horse sense with before. I wasn’t confident in my ability to handle the dietary nor medical aspects of this, for example.
Now, I feel like I’ve got all the bases covered, no pun intended. Brainmeasures knows their stuff, not only in designing a course, but they know the fields they teach without any question at all.

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