The platinum course by Brainmeasures for personal trainer certification couldn't find a better name for itself. It's
certainly as valuable as platinum, if you're in the personal trainer field.
Platinum Personal Trainer Certification
Why I should opt for Platinum Personal Trainer Certification?
If you are Brainmeasures Platinum personal trainer certified it means that you have demonstrated exemplary knowledge and understanding of all of the attributes of the personal trainer and fitness instruction industries above and beyond what any standard course provided elsewhere could.

That you have complete understanding of the mechanics of the human body in application to fitness and exercise, as well as a complete understanding of nutrition and dieting. Their understanding of safety and injury awareness can be matched nor exceeded by anyone trained in any other course of similar certification.
Will I get course materials for all subjects included in this certification package?
Yes, you will be provided with course materials for all subjects included in this certification exam.
Will I have to pay extra for course material?
No, all course material is included in the certification package, you don’t have to pay any additional fees for course material.

What is an optional test pin?

This test pin will give you access to a 40 question multiple choice test to be completed in 40 minutes. You can use it to take it in front of your employer (prospective employer) to showcase your skill and get your dream job. Plus you can also avail one more test pin on request and use it to challenge existing employees of your job place (prospective job place) and test quality of Brainmeasures certification exam.
What will I get on clearing the certification exam?
you will get a hard copy certificate and a letter of accomplishment stating your feat which you can use to showcase your skills to employers (or prospective employers)
Click on "What You Get" tab to view the sample of "Hard Copy Certificate" and “Letter of Accomplishement”
Why this certification is priced so reasonably?
you can avail Brainmeasures platinum personal trainer certification for $299 for limited period of time as its prices will be reviewed shortly.
Why Brainmeasures Platinum Personal Trainer Certification is better then what other
companies are offering?
Everyone remembers the useless information and facts from school they had to learn. These were things that they will readily point out never needing to use in their entire adult life. Most personal trainer courses are like that, too. They’re full of useless information that drowns out the truly useful things a personal trainer should know. Not with Brainmeasures’ personal trainer platinum certification! This course is worth the price, because every bit of information in it was put there by personal trainers, so it’s guaranteed to be information your company can use. This course can take a zero and make them a hero in less time than it takes to grow a chia pet!
After purchase within what time do I have to appear for Certification exam?
you have to take your certification exam within one year of your purchase, but if due to any reason you are not able to do that, you will have to send a personal request to Brainmeasures to get this time extended.
How much time do I have take the certification exam?
You have one hour to finish your certification exam.
What if I fail to pass the test?
You can take test re-take by paying re-take fee.

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