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Platinium Personal Trainer Certification is Combo of 12 Fitness related Courses at $299

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The platinum course by Brainmeasures for personal trainer certification couldn't find a better name for itself. It's certainly as valuable as platinum, if you're in the personal trainer field.

Brainmeasures Youth Fitness course is a 250 page in-depth course material covering all aspects of the subject

The platinum personal trainer course and certification would be incomplete without youth fitness, youth are our future and if their health is ignored then we will get adults who are less competent.

Youth fitness course - a part of platinum personal trainer certification has been designed to give an insight into what goes in helping youth to stay fit. Modern lifestyle has has taken a toll on youth health and made them prone to many lifestyle related disorders. This course teaches how to get young individuals to follow a fitness regime thereby leading to healthy and fit lifestyle.

“According to a recent survey 30 million of today’s youth in the US will die of heart diseases as adults” and many such shocking survey surface each day which are clear indicators that the issue of youth fitness should be tackled before it grows out of control.

Brainmeasures personal trainer course is a step towards this direction; it is an advanced course and certification on youth fitness, helping you get from basic to advanced knowledge on the subject.

Now you may think how different a youth fitness regime is from a regular personal training regime. It is therefore important to know that young individuals have different anatomical, physiological, and emotional requirements. The body make-up of young is so different that the knowledge of it just can not be combined with an aerobics course or a pilates course. Specific knowledge demands a separate course and hence the inclusion of youth fitness course for Brainmeasures Platinum Personal trainers. Our trainers deserve the best possible knowledge!

Knowledge of youth fitness will make you a sought after personal trainer as with changing times more people are becoming aware of their child’s well being and role of fitness in their lives.

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Knowing youth fitness
Special focus on exercises and diet.
Become Certified Personal Trainer @ $299
A complete and in-depth knowledge of youth fitness.
A detailed course helping you understand all aspects of youth fitness.
An all inclusive personal trainer course which includes all 12 related courses knowledge of which is must to become an expert personal trainer.
Full fledged courses included in this package are personal trainer, master trainer, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga, CPR, First Aid, Weight Management, Health Club Management, Youth Fitness, Senior fitness, Sports Nutrition.
12 Fitness related Courses at $299

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This completele package together has a total of 2100 page course material.