FAQs- Project Management

FAQS about Brainmeasures Project Management Courseware:


What is Project Management certification and courseware like?

A. Brainmeasures project management courseware is a complete and comprehensive guide to project management; it is a perfect combination of intensive and extensive knowledge on the subject. The syllabus on which the courseware is based: Fundamentals of project management, project initiation ,market and demand analysis, technical analysis, cost estimation and budgeting, resource allocation, risk analysis , planning the project, planning project quality, project roles, responsibility and authority, building and managing team , procurement planning, project scheduling, project plan execution, project monitoring and controlling, project management information system, project termination, managing e-business projects, future of project management.

Special attention has been paid to the fact that this e-book gives an all encompassing knowledge of the subject and is practically useful for the candidate.
Q. What will be the benefits of getting certified?
A. It is the proven fact that certified professionals are much more in demand than the amateurs, so getting certified gives you an edge over others and it would mean larger paycheck and further on certification distinguishes the professional as one with a working knowledge and who has passed one of the most rigorous exams from the amateurs.
Q. What is the minimum percentile required to earn Brainmeasures online certification?
A. Minimum percentile required to earn Brainmeasures certification is 60%.
Q. What if I fail to achieve minimum percentile?
A. In such a case you can re-take the test by paying test re-take fee US$ 40
Q. Do I have to pay extra for mailing charges?
A. No, the price of course includes the charges of hardcopy certificate and mailing charges.