Brainmeasures Clients Testimonials
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Elaine Dupree
Commercial interior decorator

We do the aesthetics planning, design and overseeing of mall, store, and shopping center interiors, and it can be a very tricky thing to stay on top of. Some of my project heads were having trouble staying with their workers and outsourced stuff, so I recommended the project management course at brainmeasures to them. I haven’t heard about any more problems since.

Andrew Moeller
Product R&D, soft drink company
Designing a new soda isn’t as easy as it sounds, and there’s lots of facets to the whole process. There’s the chemistry, culinary arts, marketing, and that’s just the obvious stuff. We always managed to get your stuff out on time, but it used to be an up hill battle. After some advice learned from the brainmeasures project management course, though, the stress isn’t nearly so high.

Katherine Martin
Web services development team head
I thought I was going to lose this commission because we were way behind on our deadlines, and we only had a couple years to get this big service off the ground. I was beside myself worried, but after I took the project management course from brainmeasures, I was able to increase my competence in the managerial part of this, instead of just the programming. That helps a lot.

Jean-Renee Declerk
Game player's guide design team
This was our first project to put out a guide for this hot new RPG that just got imported from Japan. My team ,we were all fresh out of college. We hadn’t expected them to not give us an intermediary overseer, but they didn’t. If I hadn’t taken the brainmeasures project management course previously, out of interest, we would have failed from the start.

Richard Burton
Development Supervisor, mobile software firm.
Brainmeasures is awesome. I was able to get so much more efficiency out of my development team by looking inward at my own management skills with the six sigma black belt certification they offered. Now we’re getting our software out on time, and we’re getting more features in per release than ever before, because we all work so well together.

Ted Simpson
Marketing director
We never know when new products are going to erupt from R&D here, and we have to be able to find a way to market and package whatever it is at the drop of a hat. My team is good, but managing the flow of getting the plan built at that speed takes some management knowhow. I got mine from the brianmeasures project management course, and I recommend that be where you get it too.