What is this course?

This course is designed to teach the skills needed for overall sales, marketing, and advertising. Alongside more specific training in advertising or marketing, it can lead to a long term career in the advertising, retail, or other sales-related industries, among other uses.

This course teaches the psychological aspects of making sales as well, as the human element, and the understanding thereof is crucial components to this field, if one wishes to be successful.

This is an eBook, like most of our courses, and is followed by an online exam, which once passed, awards a certification sought after by many companies today.

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What are selling skills?

Overall, selling skills encompass the ability to advertise, make convincing proposals, and understand marketing from both the seller and buyer end. This means that it also entails the understanding of the human psyche to some extent, as that is the medium one works with primarily in sales and advertising as well as marketing.

Why any professional should consider a selling skills course

While this course is designed around teaching people in sales and marketing professions to improve their strategies, and educate newcomers to this field, there are benefits for people in other career paths as well.

With a selling skills education, it is easier to do simple things like convince one’s employer to give out that raise, or promotion. Also, it is easier to put across proposals and ideas that are otherwise hard to convince people to accept.

This is another one of our courses that has a use for almost anyone who has the time and patience to learn a new skill.

What this course teaches

This course teaches many aspects of selling skills, including marketing, advertising, and much more.
  • Marketing knowledge
  • Interaction with diverse people
  • Understanding demand and appeal
  • Understanding economics from consumer and seller perspectives
  • Professional, convincing sales pitch strategies
  • Advertising basics

Benefits from taking this course

  • Better people skills in the business world.
  • Ability to sell services and products.
  • Ability to successfully sell business proposals and other new ideas to stubborn markets and groups.
  • Wide variety of job opportunities.
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