Brainmeasures Online Certification Course Testimonials
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Our users and clients can tell you in their own words about the great benefits of Brainmeasures Online Certification Courses which includes - Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification etc.

Sara Miller
Director, leading graphic design firm.
I am so glad I found the brainmeasures six sigma black belt certification course. Our company was taking a new direction with management, especially with new projects, and if I hadn’t gotten on board and shown an advantage with my new skills, I think I would have been left in the dust. This was easy, fast and actually enjoyable.

Thomas Grace
Department Supervisor, advertising firm.
With so many of our projects not meeting deadlines, I didn’t know what to do to get more efficient teams together and have projects meet deadlines at long last. My friend recommended a six sigma certification course for my project staff, and thanks to brainmeasures, it was fast and easy. Now our projects are meeting or beating deadlines like never before.

Edward Jonhson
Data management engineer
I was having trouble getting promoted to management, despite having been with this company for ten years. I wanted to advance, I’m not greedy I just wanted a more fulfilling career. I found this six sigma black belt online course at brainmeasures. It didn’t take me long to do, and it was easy. Thanks brainmeasures, with this certification, I’ll be moving into a new office next month.

Elizabeth Cassidy
Now a project head for a web design firm.
The job market was really bad and I thought I was never going to find another job. But, after I took this six sigma online balck belt course at brainmeasures, I found a job quickly, and in management! Thank you brainmeasures, I thought I was going to lose everything before I found you guys.

Richard Burton
Development Supervisor, mobile software firm.
Brainmeasures is awesome. I was able to get so much more efficiency out of my development team by looking inward at my own management skills with the six sigma black belt certification they offered. Now we’re getting our software out on time, and we’re getting more features in per release than ever before, because we all work so well together.

Emilio Garcia
Project Director, leading publication.
I didn’t know what to do about the disputes, lost work hours and back stepping all of our projects endlessly had. Then, looking online, I found the six sigma green belt course at brainmeasures, and figured out the solution to our problems. The new project management techniques this provided showed me how to fix myself, which was the problem ultimately.

Kim Takeyama
CEO, internet game site.
Developing all the new features and maintaining new stuff on our site proved harder to do than it should’ve, and I wasn’t sure why my team was struggling so much. But then I realized, maybe I have good ideas but my management skills could use some work. After taking the brainmeasures six sigma green belt course, it turns out I was right. Now we’re staying on track.

Greg Martin
R&D Head, fiberglass company.
It seemed like we were always encountering trouble getting our prototypes out and ready on time, because of inner struggles with workload and personnel. I originally thought I had a faulty team, but according to the six sigma green belt course that I took at brainmeasures, the problem was my management, not my workers. Now, with a better improved manager, they’re all performing admirably!

Ted Drummond
Lead Architect, leading structural design firm.
Our work is dangerous, because even if our designs conform to code, there are still any number of things that if not taken into consideration, could cost lives or at the least millions of dollars of damages. So, instead of always living in fear that I’m misdirecting my designers, I took the six sigma green belt course at brainmeasures, and now I’m confident in my skills as a leader. Thank you brainmeasures.

Judith Greene
Mobile Phone marketing director, cell phone service provider.
We always had disasters in advertising, though the public never seems to notice the problems in the polished ad campaigns. But, we needed to reach people better, and instead of replacing our valued advertising staff, we looked into the six sigma green belt course, which gave us the management skills to get the most out of our people, and still have a happy united team.  I recommend this to anyone in my situation, without hesitation.