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10 Free Demo Points - Employee Testing Made Easy

Great News for Employers - Employee testing made easy, flexible and convenient!

Start testing your employees within 5 minutes and you have to pay nothing, this great offer is open for employers who want to skill test their employees, using this offer you can choose from complete list of 1700 skill tests offered by Brainmeasures and test 10 employees absolutely free.

Brainmeasures Employee Testing Solutions

bullet Set up an Employer Account ABSOLUTELY FREE
bullet Get free 10 demo points
bullet Choose from list of 1700 skill tests
bullet Get detailed analysis report for each employee
bullet Increase productivity "per-hire"
bullet Free Employee Testing

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Click Here to view sample analysis report, analysis report gives you a detailed insight into candidate’s strengths and weaknesses helping you take right decisions

Contact Our Business Manager to get customized solutions.

Register for employer account it is absolutely free.

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