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How To Purchase Brainmeasures Employment Testing Solutions

Brainmeasures Employment testing Solutions are reasonably priced with excellent discounts for bulk orders. Check out our convenient pricing structure and payment options: 

Arrow bullet our pricing system works on points
Arrow bullet 1 point = $1
Arrow bullet points are displayed in your account balance and you use points to buy tests
Arrow bullet to set up an Brainmeasures employer account you require 10 points
Arrow bullet you can either keep balance points in your account or buy them as you need them
Arrow bullet Brainmeasures offers huge discounts of up to 60% for bulk ordering click here
Arrow bullet our point calculator helps you calculate how many points you need for each test
Arrow bullet a standard test costs $10 points
Arrow bullet each time you choose to purchase a test or certification, the equal number of points are deducted from your employer account
Arrow bullet if the candidate does not take the test, points are not be deducted from your account
Arrow bullet while calculating discounts no two purchase bills can be merged

Brainmeasures offers its corporate account holders lucrative discounts on bulk purchases.

Discounts on offer are as follows:

No. of purchased points Available Discount
1-80 0%
81-180 10%
181-480 20%
481-981 30%
981-2480 40%
2481-4980 50%
4981 and above 60%

Various payment options:

Credit card Credit Cards
PayPal Paypal
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and ask. 
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