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126 I have received my certificate, but it is laminated. I am wondering if you send a digital copy so I can photocopy it for my resume. 8764062
108 Hello, I was wondering, how what is the total cost for an Awareness & Terminology Test certification? I see that most tests themselves are free to take, but, how much is it to then have the certificate mailed to you?Thanks. 8739375
98 Do I get a e-certificate? 8319687
67 will the certificate be issued? can you send me sample certificate? 13775625
46 Dear Sirs, I have just taken the six sigma black belt test and passed (Transcript 1208). Can you supply a PDF certificate by email please? Thanks Martin Hardwick 15824687
31 I passed my babysitting course in February and the exact date was 2/24/10 and I still not have received the certificate so I was wondering what happened. 17454062
30 I took my babysitting class well I finished my test in febuary and still havnt received my babysitting certifacate 15602500
24 Do you be able to give accurate dates for me When my certificates will arrive? When the wall of the fame be updated ?! I want to ask... Why your certificates be for one year not for three like Brainbench ?! Thank you ahead 15849375
23 Do you guys provide courseware, in order for me study from and then attempt the certification? Do you provide a Hard Copy of certification? Would you post it to India? 20194375
16 Is there anywhere I can see what the online Six Sigma Black Belt online course looks like? Thanks 18885937

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