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159 Hello,I just ordered the core java hard copy certificate. I am planning to take another java certification from brain measures. Can you please cancel my core java hard copy certificate and provide a refund. Thank you 178345
151 I am working in a fire safety company as a fire inspector and need to attend the fire safety certification course to improve me on my carrier. Please do get back to me how i can enroll? 4122812
150 I will like to know more about the MATLAB certification and general procedures to qualify for the certification. 4246250
149 Im ready to get started. What is my first step? Will I receive a book or is everything on line? 4270937
148 what is renewal system for technical analysis certification . shall i need to pay again .if than how much.if need exam than why?? if i need pay again than why not i do CMT than it is given certification and no need to pay every year . please know me 4345000
146 I have a Literati e-reader. My question is can I download the class e-reader on to my e-reader? 4419062
144 I recently purchase 2 Financial classes. I accidentally hit test first before I start reading. Please forgive one time and let me retake my test, Financial Analysis Certification. Please let me know asap. Thank you very much for your time. Tammy 4468437
143 Upon passing a test, will I be able to use an icon or logo on my website which proves certification? 4542500
142 I applied for Six sigma green belt, Lean management and FMEA. How long do I have to take to the test? 4542500
140 Hi I am in India. Can I apply? 4443750
139 Are there any certifications that are always valid? 4542500
138 Dear Sir,Can I have more detail about "six sigma Master Black Belt" courses content. Also if you could provide me a sample video that will be great. 4493125
137 Hello I recently purchased a certfication and test .I can not access my start test page .please advise asap if there is a problemThanks 4542500
133 Coming up with errors when trying to send communications. Validating. 8369062
132 where can i take test 8270312
130 Do you have any online certifications courses for Data Analyst?A Data Anaylst analyzes data collection requirements, recording, and reporting needs, perform data mining,... 7974062
128 Dear Sir / Madam, I purchased the "Quantitative methods" certification today.But after downloading the book, I discovered that the book cannot be opened at all.It seems that the file is corrupted. Could you please help. Thank you. 8245625
127 Hi there,If I want to Opt for any SEO, SMM, analytics, adwords tests you have provided syllabus for the same. So, to study further in detail is there any tutorials provided from your end or I have to search topic wise and prepare for the exam? 8443125
125 how long do I have to take the exam after purchase. What is the deadline date?Thank you. 8615937
124 I just purchased the Body Language course and test. How do I get the material.. 8393750
121 dear ,i got one certificate from ur company . i want it for life time. is it possible. than how much shall i pay .know me 8665312
120 HI,I would like to take up the selenium certification for web testing automation. Please advise, whether you offer online training or do u provide only the materials. Can the test be taken online?ThanksTony 8171562
119 Hello,Is Angular JS test is available?Regards,Silky Shah 8220937
116 Can I know if you have any discounts on your test? 8541875
115 I took the test on my iPhone..not very clear..but managed to get through itCan you tell me if I passed with the grade to get a certification?Thank you 7776562
113 Were can i find the documents/syllabus for the scheduling course?Not looking for the test just to read. 8196250
111 I have just registered for the Hedge Fund Certification. When should I expect to receive the 270 pages ebook for the course. 8492500
109 Hi, are your certificates accredited? Can I use them to back up a job just as good as a college certificate? Thank you very much. 7307500
105 hello i want to know how long does it take before i could get a link to download a ebook 7998750
94 I enrolled in MPC but i havent got the materials. would you tell me how to get there, please! 8936875

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