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145 if i cleared the Google Android Programming Certification which is free of cost the how much amount i have to for its hard copy of certificate?? 8196250
136 How much is for the FEDEXshipping? 7998750
123 If I take Retake of selenium what is the charge? 9035625
122 concrete technology course certificate can i pay the money by draft and what duration you will give in concrete technology 7998750
112 I have completed six sigma black belt test on 5th Aug and wanted to purchase certificate from your website but I am not able to use indian credit card as paypal doesnot accept it to pay to you in India. How do I get the certificate in this case 7677812
96 hiwhy does this registration require a credit card if the test is free?thx 7850625
87 iam interested in the waterproofing certification course i want to purchace how to yay through a bank 7529687
84 How Can I start the Google ad sense certificate examination? What have i to pay for it? Please inform me. I am very much interested about ad sense. 8270312
73 I am trying to create a custom combo and not all courses are listed in the combo page. How can I do this? 11282187
51 I purchased six sigma black belt and Project Management, when I look at my Receipts there is no $ amount or description. Did my purchase go through? 15355625
37 Hi there,i was trying to get to the course i have bought from you,but not sure where to go,as anywhere i go there is no records.Is it takes time for the course be in the sistem. Regards:Nick 17108437
33 I am trying to pay using my credit card or paypal account. It gives error. Please help. 17923125
17 please, i really want my son to take this test but currently am in Ghana an want to pay by western union or money gram. can it be possible? 15898750
15 I cant pay through paypal which is not supported in my country (Lebanon).I only have a internet mastercard that I usually use for internet purchases.I m really interested in buying some tests from your website.what should i do? 16071562

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