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In today’s demanding world, intelligence is the key to a successful and rewarding life. Regardless of the educational background and the family situation, most people you can find in management and leading positions are indeed clever. These are the most desirable circumstances, because it is obvious that there are some cases too when our bossess are not necessarily smarter than us, but they have had help from inside in order to reach such positions. But we will not discuss in this article such cases. We wish to make the assumption that every manager has earned his position by rights. This article is intended to draw your attention to the matter of IQ and present you the benefits of an IQ certification to your career.

You have surely heard about IQ at one point in your life. But if we were to ask you what does IQ is, would you be able to give the correct definition? This is why we should have a closer insight onto the subject. We should begin by giving you more informations on IQ, what does it stand for and how is it calculated. First of all, you should know that IQ is the abbreviation for Intelligent Quotient, so it obvious that an IQ test has the purpose of revealing how intelligent you are. Perhaps you have already taken several IQ tests. But do you know how is your IQ calculated exactly? We are inclined to think you don’t. But don’t worry, we will give you every information you need to know on IQ in order to convince you it is indeed a reliable proof of your level of intelligence.

You should know that IQ is usually calculated by dividing mental age by the chronological age and multiplying the result by one hundred. However, such a method is widely used for children’s IQ tests, because it cannot be used for scoring the IQ of adults. The mental age corresponds to the age group that scored the same result on average as the exam taker. Nowadays, the modern method introduced by Wechsler for establishing IQ is different. Whenever a new IQ test is being developed, a standardization sample representative of the general population is taking the test and the average result scored becomes equivalent to an IQ of 100. In most modern IQ tests, there is a 15 IQ points standard deviation defined. So what is basically the procedure that is being applied when we take an IQ test? Well, when we take it, our result is compared to the results that have been obtained by the standardization sample and we are being given an equal score to those with the same result as ours in the standardization sample. It goes without saying that the average IQ is 100 and if you score it it means you are performing accordingly to your age. A lower IQ means you are less smart than those of your age, while an IQ above 100 proves you are cleverer than most people of your age.

There is no doubt that the IQ we obtain after taking such a test is quite meaningful. It is a good indicator of our intellectual capabilities and says much about a child’s future perspectives. IQs are frequently being associated with morbidity, mortality, social status and, to a large extent, with the IQs of our parents. However, you should be aware that a high IQ is not necessarily synonym with success. Hard work, will power and commitment play an important role in achieving this goal. On the other hand, for employers that want to hire individuals with no prior expertise in the job the best instrument to predict their future performance is their intellectual capacity, and here is where IQ is very decisive. So it cannot be questioned that an IQ certification to prove your intellectual superiority over others of your age would be of real help for you in your career, regardless of the work field you are targeting. You should know that upon getting certified you will be able to earn a higher amount of money. For instance, if you are a teacher, you will be expected to have a high level of intelligence. And while the average salary for such a person oscillates between $40,000 and $44,000, if you get the IQ certification you could earn up to 20% more. This is just an example of how would the certification be of benefit to you. For whatever job you might have that requires your own implication, an IQ certification will have the power to increase your income.

IQ Certification Tests

There are many companies on the Web that offer an IQ aptitude test and once you pass it you will be granted a valuable IQ certification to attach to your resume. Online certifications taken from reliable providers are a great and convenient way to testify your mental ability. This is why you should put your trust in the reputed for provididing you a quality online IQ exam. The online IQ certification taken from this company would be the best way to find out and show the entire world how intelligent you are, so you should not hesitate and register for the test immediately.


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Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

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The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


All the information regarding this test has been clearly stated inside the login account and you must read it properly before starting your test. Good luck !

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