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For those passionate about the information technology field a career in this domain would be a dream job. And if you fancy the idea of pursuing a career in the IT field you should target the key areas that are very popular and where you could earn big money. This is why a career in networking would be quite rewarding. Internet is everywhere and it couldn’t exist without specific protocols that set the rules computers must abide by in order to communicate with each other over the Internet. In this article we will draw your attention to the most popular communication protocol for wide area networks: TCP/IP. We will present some technical details on this protocol, but it is not our intention to get too much into the technicalities of this subject. On the contrary, our purpose is to present the skills needed to pass a quality TCP/IP test for everyone interested. Once you have the necessary skills you could make your entry in the networking field and you should go for the certificate to testify your abilities.

To begin with, you should know TCP/IP is an abbreviation of the two most important protocols in the Internet protocol suite: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP). TCP/IP is the standard for transmitting data over the Internet. Although this suite of protocols is usually associated with the Unix operating system, network operating systems support TCP/IP too. This set of protocols enables hosts to connect on the Internet. The TCP and IP we know today go way back and have been written in 1981. Servers and browsers use these protocols for connecting to the Internet. For example, your browser uses TCP/IP to connect to a server and the server in return uses the same protocols to send HTML back to the browser. Did you know your Internet address and your domain name are components of the standard TCP/IP protocol? Furthermore, your e-mail application uses TCP/IP to enable you to send and receive such messages on the Internet. We have already seen TCP/IP incorporates several protocols, the most important being the TCP and the IP. While TCP is a protocol for handling communication between applications, IP is a protocol for communication between computers. TCP breaks data into IP packets that are then sent and is responsible for putting the packets back together when they arrive. The Internet Protocol is the one in charge of sending the packets to the right destination. There also exist protocols for errors and statistics and for dynamic addressing.

Anyone keen on networking should be familiar with the TCP/IP architecture. The TCP/IP protocol stack consists of four major layers. The lowest is the network interface layer that incorporates technologies for communicating inside a local network. The next layer is the Internet layer (IP) that makes it possible for local networks to connect. The third layer is represented by the transport layer, the TCP we have already discussed. The last layer is the application one, containing all protocols for particular data communication services. Many IT passionates are familiar with higher layer protocols, such as HTTP or FTP that use TCP/IP to connect to the Internet. However, if you know TCP/IP, you know the very foundation of networking.

Online TCP/IP Test

There are several topics you need to cover to prove you know TCP/IP, from the basics, installing and configuring to Internetworking, connectivity, IP addressing and IP routing. If you have the in-depth knowledge on this suite of protocols you should try to get a reliable proof of your skills and the most convenient way would be to resort to skill tests. Nobody could question the result of your online TCP/IP exam if you choose the provider carefully. Usually, if you successfully clear a specific percentage of the test you would be entitled to get an online certification. But if you want to reap all the benefits of such a certification you must not choose the provider ineptly. This is why you should opt for, the global leader in online employee testing. This company is well known for the quality of the tests it provides and a certificate issued by Brainmeasures would enhance both your career and your financial perspectives. For example, upon getting certified you could earn significantly more than the average annual salary of QA testers with TCP/IP, which is $96,000. So you should not be having second thoughts and get the TCP/IP certification from Brainmeasures to prove your abilities and enhance your personal brand.


  • DHCP
  • Fundamentals
  • Host Name Resolution
  • Installing and Configuring
  • Internetworking
  • Internetworking & Connectivity
  • Internetworking and Connectivity
  • IP Address Resolution
  • IP Addressing
  • IP Routing
  • Subnet Addressing
  • Subnetting

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