George Philip

Six Sigma Green Belt Team Management Test

Test Name Six Sigma Green Belt Team Management Test
Total Marks / Passing Marks 100 / 60
Duration / Time taken 40 mins / 15 mins
Test Taken on Thursday, Nov 30,2017

Subject Analysis

Using subject Analysis report you can judge how well candidate understands various aspects of the subject as in this section topic wise analysis of test takers ability has been explained using different colored bands.

Team Evaluation
85% Good
Six Sigma Team Structure
72% Average
Role of Teams
75% Average
Developing Effective Team
72% Average

Subject Coverage

This section gives you an overview of how well the candidate knows his subject, use this pie diagram to evaluate candidates knowledge topic wise, if you see large proportion of green and blue color in this diagram then this means that the candidate has good knowledge of the subject and should be hired for the job.

  • Expert
  • Good
  • Average
  • Weak


This section has been designed to give you a ratio of no. of questions attempted vs. No. of correct answers.
100% accuracy means all the attempted questions are right

  • Accurate
  • Incorrect

Speed Analysis

This section has been designed to judge the speed of the test taker and it has been calculated as No of question solved Vs time taken to solve them.
Ideally 60 sec have been allotted for each question, the results for speed has been shown as

Speed Very Fast

Above 60 Sec. per question - Slow

About 60 Sec. per question - Average

46 to 58 Sec. per question - Fast

Below 45 Sec. per question - Very Fast

Accuracy Vs Speed Analysis

Using information provided in this section you can judge if the candidate is suitable for time sensitive jobs where deadlines are mandatory, this section gives you an insight of how well and quickly the candidate understands, comprehends and processes the given piece of information and how correctly he answers the questions.

Accuracy Vs Speed Analysis Average

There are 5 Levels of work speed Very Slow, Below Average, Average, Above Average and Very Fast

George Philipat an average has exhibited "Above Average" speed in reading, Understanding and answering te questing in the test.