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What is Data Science?

Data Science is a multidisciplinary blend of data inference and algorithm development to understand and solve analytically complex problems and to conduct a detailed study of the flow of information from high volumes of an organization’s data repository. Moreover, Data Science enables enterprises to generate meaningful insights from raw and unstructured data that is processed through analytical, programming, and business expertise.

Data Science brings together diverse skill-sets, including mathematics, statistics, and industry knowledge, a certified Data Scientists can efficiently assist businesses to make informed strategies on critical business matters, including reducing costs, tapping new markets and demography, and introducing new product or service, among others. To be a successful Data Scientist, you need to understand business problems, collect and format the relevant data, design relevant analysis, apply algorithms using the appropriate tools.

It is a multidisciplinary field that uses tools and techniques to manipulate the data so that you can find something new and meaningful.

Data science uses the most powerful hardware, programming systems, and most efficient algorithms to solve data-related problems. It is the future of artificial intelligence.

Data science is:

Asking the correct questions and analyzing the raw data.

Modeling the data using various complex and efficient algorithms.

Visualizing the data to get a better perspective.

Understanding the data to make better decisions and find the final result.

Uses of Data Science

This is the age of Data, according to research 2.5 Quintal bytes of data every second, every company requires data to work, grow, and improve their business.

With the help of data science technology, we can convert the massive amount of raw and unstructured data into meaningful insights.

Data science technology is opted by various companies, whether it is a big brand or a startup. Google, Amazon, Netflix, etc, which handle a huge amount of data, are using data science algorithms for a better customer experience.

Data science is working for automating transportation such as creating a self-driving car, which is the future of transportation.

Data science can help in different predictions such as various surveys, elections, flight ticket confirmation, etc.

In the most recent past, there is a massive growth seen in the Internet of Things (IoT) that has generated over 80% of the data in the present world with close to 3 quintillion bytes of data getting added daily.

At this pace, the unstructured data is anticipated to reach over 90% by 2022. Industry experts predict that this massive data growth is likely to elevate the demand for advanced analytics to almost US$35 Billion by 2022 that, resultant, shall boost the count of employed data scientists by nearly 32% by the end of the forecast period.

There are numerous paths and tools available to become a Certified Data Scientist, including programming languages of R and SQL, along with various analytical tools that Data Scientists extensively use.

Brainmeasures Data Science Course and Certification

Brainmeasures Data Science Video course has been developed by expert data scientists, which makes it a very unique learning platform for candidates who want to learn, understand and work as data scientists.

So regardless of industry, Data Science Certification is likely to play a significant role in aspiring Data Scientists’ career. Brainmeasures Data Science Online Certification course is specifically intended for individuals seeking a successful career as a Certified Data Scientist.

This online course will help students understand and learn various Data Science tools and expertise, including,

Types of regression (Linear and Logistic)

Kinds of variables (Categorical vs. Numeric)




Statistical procedures

tools and analytics

The courseware also allows students to learn how – to deal with NULLs, to create tables (RAW, WRK, DRV), to build a model (BACKWARD, FORWARD, STEPWISE), to use SELECT statement, to join multiple fields, and various other relevant functionalities.

Designed entirely by the industry professionals, the program provides access to high-quality self-paced e-learning content, simulation exams, live class recordings, instructor-led online training classes, dedicated mentoring session, and other resources that ensure an optimal career path for the aspiring Data Scientists, helping them effortlessly fast track their Data Science career.

This self-paced course is all you need to understand data science in-depth.

Qualified Data Scientists get a base annual salary of around US$ 110,000 and with a predicted near terms demand/supply gap of 50% for Certified Data Scientists, t

This is the best time for you to enroll in the course, and get Certified for the dream career.

Certified Professionals can work as

If you learn data science, then you get the opportunity to find various exciting job roles in this domain. The main job roles are given below:

Data Scientist

Data Analyst

Machine learning expert

Data engineer

Data Architect

Data Administrator

Business Analyst

Business Intelligence Manager

Brainmeasures is an ideal platform for employee hiring and training, a good organization is nothing but a team of highly trained, efficient, and effective employees.

Build the skills of your employees, Contact Us.

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