Section 1 : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the New Job Hunting Landscape

Lecture 1 How People Earn $20,000Yr 1:50
Lecture 2 Welcome to Career Hacking™ 2021 3:21

Section 2 : Resumes in a World of AI and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs)

Lecture 4 The Two Ways that Resumes Can Determine 1:40
Lecture 5 Hack The Big Six Skills™ and Reverse 2:16
Lecture 6 You are an Iceberg Framing and Transferable 2:35
Lecture 7 Optimizing Your Resume in the Age of 3:55
Lecture 8 Using Eazl's Power Language Tool to Design 1:35
Lecture 9 Integrating Brands, Details, and Quantities 3:27
Lecture 10 Using the Eazl Schematic for Writing a 1:9
Lecture 11 [Optional] Don't Get Bogged Down with 1:26
Lecture 12 [Optional] A Few Tips to Bulletproof Your 1:5

Section 3 : You're About to Get Upgraded! Let’s Write You a Career Changing Resume

Lecture 13 The Story Behind Your New $1,500 Resume 3:13
Lecture 15 Super Fast Choosing Your Template and 4:33
Lecture 16 You're a Resume Guru! Let's Reverse
Lecture 17 Moving Along! How to Format Your Job
Lecture 18 A Quick One How to Show a Promotion or 1:3
Lecture 19 Another Quick One How to Add Experience 0:44
Lecture 20 Resume Rockstar Let's Create Descriptions 2:53
Lecture 21 Looking Great! Let's Write an Overview of 2:35
Lecture 22 You're on a Rocketship! Let's Write Powerful 7:29
Lecture 23 Onward! Education & Professional 3:58
Lecture 24 Nice Work! Let's Use Your Side Projects and 2:54
Lecture 25 Picking Up Speed! How to Format
Lecture 26 How'd You Get So Good Let's Write You a 2:36
Lecture 27 So Close! Let's Proofread and Add 1:52
Lecture 28 You're Amazing! Let's Create a Short Link 3:36
Lecture 29 [Special Case] How to Organize Your Resume 1:38
Lecture 30 From the Vlog Links Programmers Should Build Into Their Resumes Text

Section 4 : The Building Blocks of Your Professional Brand and LinkedIn® ProfIle

Lecture 31 Welcome to the Front Lines of AI’s 3:36
Lecture 32 How to Connect Your Big Six Skills™ with 1:32
Lecture 33 Access Helpful Resources for Building Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn® Text
Lecture 34 SideBySide Using Visual Assets to Position 5:0
Lecture 35 SideBySide How to Align Your Professional
Lecture 36 SideBySide How to Give Your Professional 2:58
Lecture 37 Using Your Profile Photo to Lower Friction 2:7
Lecture 38 How to Take Your Own Professional Photo 2:58
Lecture 39 Intelligent Design for LinkedIn Profile 2:48
Lecture 40 How to Write Powerful LinkedIn Summaries 3:33

Section 5 : Let's Build a Standout LinkedIn® Profile Optimized for Both People and Software

Lecture 41 Helpful Resources Eazl's Guide to Building an Awesome Text
Lecture 42 SideBYSide Writing Your Headline, Adding a 2:56
Lecture 43 SideBYSide Let's Add Your Summary and 5:25
Lecture 44 SideBYSide Convert Your Resume into 6:0
Lecture 45 SideBYSide Let's Make the Most of College 0:55
Lecture 46 SideBYSide Strategically Aligning Your Big Six 1:20
Lecture 47 SideBYSide How to Use Online Course 1:7
Lecture 48 SideBYSide Could the Projects Section Be a 4:32
Lecture 49 SideBySide How to Manage Your Privacy and 2:45

Section 6 : How to Make Your Cover Letter Your Job-winning Sidekick

Lecture 50 Why Cover Letters Can Make the Difference 0:57
Lecture 51 Cover Letter Resource Bank [Templates + 12 Professionally-written Samples Here] Text
Lecture 52 Crafting Your Cover Letter Strategy [Barriers 2:20
Lecture 53 Hack How to Mass Customize Your Cover 0:59
Lecture 54 Eazl's SIS System for Decoding 1:28
Lecture 55 SideBYSide Writing a Cover Letter that 10:4

Section 7 : You Need to Know What’s Going on Behind the Scenes

Lecture 56 Learn How the Labor Market Works Behind 1:4
Lecture 57 Why Organizations Hire and How it Impacts 2:49
Lecture 58 Who is Scanning My Resume 1:38
Lecture 59 Voices from the Field What Do Recruiters 2:14
Lecture 60 How to Use Recruiters and Staffing Agencies 2:22
Lecture 61 How to Uncover Middle Market 1:35
Lecture 62 How the Hidden Job Market Works

Section 8 : Job Search 2

Lecture 63 Let's Leverage Technology to Get You 1:9
Lecture 64 Voices from the Field Which Digital Tools are 3:50
Lecture 65 Your Secret Weapon Job Search CRM 2:9
Lecture 66 Custom Software Solution Job Search CRM 11:34
Lecture 67 Boolean Techniques How to Search Like an 2:34
Lecture 68 SideBYSide Kaman's Boolean Search Trick for 1:13

Section 9 : Pre-interviewing Your New Job Search Skill to Use in the Digital World

Lecture 69 When I Message Recruiter on LinkedIn® or 2:43
Lecture 70 CCMM 2 3:15
Lecture 71 SideBYSide How to Find Strategic 10:17
Lecture 72 SideBYSide How to Research Organizations 7:9
Lecture 73 Voices from the Field How Should I Ask to 2:47
Lecture 74 Recruiter Mark Schnefke on How Digital 1:50
Lecture 75 How to Use Informal Chats to Build a 3:3
Lecture 76 EazlLive An Example of an Informal Chat 8:20

Section 10 : How to Win in Formal Job Interviews While Being Yourself

Lecture 77 It’s About Preparation and Knowing Your 1:30
Lecture 78 How the Interviewing System Works 1:44
Lecture 79 Voices from the Field How Should I 2:56
Lecture 80 By Request How to Sell Yourself Without 2:26
Lecture 81 What Does the Data Say Fortune 500 Hiring 2:3
Lecture 82 Hacking Interview Prep The BORG System 1:55
Lecture 83 EazlViews A Fortune 500 Recruiter on 3:39
Lecture 84 How to Use Crisis Narratives to Tell Powerful 3:19
Lecture 85 Sample Interview Questions, Good Responses, and Additional Practice Pdf
Lecture 86 How to Handle the Weakness Question 1:24
Lecture 87 How to Master the Art of Small Talk 1:53
Lecture 88 EazlLive Active Listening to Find Strategic 3:4
Lecture 89 The $10,000 Strategy How to Never Be 2:25
Lecture 90 How to Overcome Interview Nerves 3:3
Lecture 91 How to Make a Great First Impression 1:30
Lecture 92 How to Hack Phone Interviews [Guide to 1:39
Lecture 93 How to Ace Video Interviews 3:17
Lecture 94 How to Ace the Agency Headhunter 1:48
Lecture 95 EazlViews Mock Interview with a Fortune 25:2
Lecture 96 Extra What to Do After the Interview + Email Templates Pdf

Section 11 : Preparing for Success in Your Career Transition

Lecture 97 Let's Build Your Soft Skills and Craft Your 5-Year Career 1:39
Lecture 98 Soft Skills Practice Disagreeing without Being Disagreeable 3:25
Lecture 99 Soft Skills Practice Asking Questions that Matter 1:39
Lecture 100 Soft Skills Practice Finding Common Ground with New 3:25
Lecture 101 Soft Skills Practice Giving Someone Genuine Praise 3:2
Lecture 102 Voices from the Field What Will Be Different about the Job 3:36
Lecture 103 [Optional] Explore Technical, Enterprise, Startup, and Non-profit Career Paths Text
Lecture 104 [Optional] Use the VISTA Career Planning Tool [VISTA Tool 2:43
Lecture 105 [Optional] Career Hacking™ for Mid and Later-life Folks Making a Career Change Text

Section 12 : Salary Negotiation Strategies, Further Study Modules and Content Upgrade Journal

Lecture 106 Salary Negotiation The Labor Market is a Marketplace [See 5:4
Lecture 107 Voices from the Field What Salary Negotiation Tips Can 5:38
Lecture 108 Further Study Economist Charles Hugh Smith on 8:11
Lecture 109 Further Study Handling Employment Gaps on Your 1:30
Lecture 110 Further Study How to Use the Template if You Have No 2:36
Lecture 111 Further Study Incorporating a Long Career into Your 1:3
Lecture 112 Further Study How to Use Incomplete Degrees on Your 0:57
Lecture 113 Further Study How to Create Opportunities with Startups 2:25
Lecture 114 Further Study Strategies for the Long Distance Job Search 2:15