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Harness the power and diversity of the Brainmeasures Testing API!

The Brainmeasures testing API is a component system that gives you the power to harness online 3rd party testing with ease and comfort. This API is compatible with software, websites, and other presentation mediums that many companies use. Not only will this give you the power and reliabilit that is synonymous with , but it will also give you the slick, company-branded testing system that your company needs to look and be as professional as possible. Our tests use style sheets and custom headers and footers to customize our testing system so that it looks and feels like an extension of your company's systems, not an offsite testing service. This guarantees a more professional appearance, as well as a reduction to the intimidation many employees and hiring prospects would feel if faced with an austere testing site. Our technicians are on hand at no additional cost to you to ensure that any difficulties or questions regarding the integration of this powerful and seamless API are handled in a prompt and friendly manner.

How Brainmeasures is changing the way you think of employee testing! is one of the internet's fastest growing and reliable employee education and testing services worldwide. With our wide variety of courses and tests, we help to ensure better careers for job hunters, and better employee performance and skill for companies both small and large. With, there is no limit to what you can accomplish as a professional, or a business owner. Now, we are proud to display our new testing API, which can extend this powerful system of learning and verification to a whole new amazing level. has achieved quite a name with several large businesses around the world. While more are joining the fold every day, we are proud contributors to the performance improvements of Just to name a few. We want to help your business improve and be just as successful, and our new API is at your disposal.

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The Brainmeasures testing API is a component system that gives you the power to harness online 3rd party testing with ease and comfort. This API is compatible with software, websites, and other presentation mediums that many companies use.


A colossal package of features!

Like any service in this field that we at offer, we go out of our way to make the best testing system and frontend API we possibly can for your needs. Our seamless branded system guarantees that users will never know that they are even leaving your server, guaranteeing a professional look and impression. This keeps employee faith in the company high, and earns the respect of potential hires as well.

Our reliability can't be beat. We have multiple servers and backup servers to guarantee the most possible uptime technology will allow. This means that you can administer tests any time you need to, as often as you need to, with no concern for scheduling or appointments.

Our friendly and capable tech support staff is on hand to help with any other issues or questions you may have, and to provide solutions as quickly and effectively as they can. With a single login system, your employees do not need to feel branded or numbered, as you need only one account setup for many, many users of the system. This also means that security is tight, and more manageable as well.

Our Services Benifit

  • Employers
  • Educational institutes
  • Staffing agencies
  • Recruiters
  • ATS, ERP and HR Software Developers
  • General Websites
  • Job Boards and Skills marketplace

Brainmeasures API offers some astonishing benefits that are a must-have for any business

Versatile purpose for versatile markets :
Companies can make use of this API to keep the proficiency level of their employees at maximum, reducing layoffs, turnover, and expenditures. Project team formation is a breeze with this system in place to guarantee the right people get the right jobs on the team! Human Resources and employment opportunity services can extend their proficiency with tests to a whole new level, guaranteeing that their customers get the best employees possible, and that job seekers can be ensured a job that is right for them.

Discrete and flexible :
The Brainmeasures API system is branded to match your company, guaranteeing that it is discrete and organic. This means that you retain a professional demeanor, and your employees or new hires feel more confident in your establishment. With our various and intuitive test varieties, we guarantee we can build a test that is exactly what you need, at a price you can be happy with.

Reasonable plans for any business size :
With our multiple plans of varying size, we're certain there is one of the right scale and price dynamic to fit your company like a glove. Not sure if our plans are quite measured up to what you need? You can contact sales and talk about possibly formulating a custom plan to suit your needs!

Tech support that's not to be beat :
Our friendly and courteous tech support staff is at your disposal. If something malfunctions, they will fix it as soon as humanly possible, providing great service with a smile. This comes at no additional cost to you, our valued customer. Reliability is not a question with Brainmeasures. We have multiple servers online, with 99% uptime, and if anything does fail, we also have a wide array of backup servers to take the load. We don't stop, so you don't have to.

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