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Brainmeasures ( an ISO 9001-2015 certified Company ) is a team of highly professional and dedicated people, who have come together to produce the very best in online certification, tests and employment testing for employees and employers alike. Brainmeasures provides you with the ability to test your skills for that dream job or employers can use the Brainmeasures tests to test prospective employees before hiring them.

Brainmeasures today boosts of more than 1 million Certified Professionals and client list includes big names in corporate world that trust Brainmeasures Employment Testing Solutions for their post & pre hiring needs.

Certification by Brainmeasures 'online certification' gives you an edge at every stage of your career - getting a new job, a promotion or even looking for a career change. All Brainmeasures products are designed to help you reach your goals.

Year 2022

We have developed, 7,000+ E-book Courses, 53,000+ Video Courses, 21,000+ Skill Tests , Employee Testing Platform, 1000 Plus Coding Tests Platform, Proctoring Exam, Online Tuitions 1 to 1 and 1 to Many, online job interview, online hiring, Online Certification Programs , Conduct Hackhton for 500 Fortune Companies .

Year 2020

We are planning and working towards launching our new professional online Interactive courses with online interactive e-training along with online classroom features and benefits.

Year 2017

By popular demand, we are launching online video courses that will be diversified into both technical and nontechnical fields.

Year 2014

We had enormous expansion in our online courses portfolio. We launched 1000 skills courses, all of which had downloadable content.Brainmeasures became one of the leading online certification provider and received worldwide recognition.

Year 2011

Brainmeasures was launched online with the aim of providing online education and promoting career development. By this time we had launched 200 tests and 15 professional online certification courses and our company operated globally.

Year 2007

Brainmeasures is a global leader in providing online certifications and pre-employment testing. Initially we developed only MCQ's for employer, HR manager and focused on providingOMR sheets to them that were used for testing. Brainmeasures was working offline during that period but it was completely operational.


Brainmeasures mission is to actively work on providing high quality education, which is easily accessible.

Providing certifications to professionals that will pave the way for them to progress in their career development and help them achieve their goals.

Helping employers establish an efficient recruitment process to facilitate selection of the right candidates for the right jobs.

Brainmeasures focuses on providing necessary assistance in relation to education for the less privileged and meticulously work in this area to lend a helping hand in establishing their careers.

We help empower the under privileged by providing them access and exposure to varied areas of education.

Brainmeasures intends to take all the necessary measures to sponsor free education and free certification to support children in the various NGO’s and charitable organizations.

Our expert team also does a lot of research and tries to look into the problems of the children going through a financial crisis and are unable to study due to these reasons. We are planning to go a step ahead to help such children and provide them free classes to teach them and educate them.

Brainmeasures plans to help students and children who want to learn and attend school but do not have enough resources to manage the heavy expenditure and are deprived of education.

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Ellisaa Wetherhall

" I feel extremely privileged, happy and satisfied by their guidance, support and the way they have designed their courses. It is so straightforward and they offer complete training and help if required by the participants of their course. They facilitate all the necessary assistance needed. Overall, it was a fantastic experience since the design of their course and the pattern was interesting and made me learn and gain an in-depth knowledge of the subject. "

Gosia Urbanowics

" I recently took two online tests from Brainmeasures and I am more than satisfied. I feel I made the best choice by taking these tests from Brainmeasures. I loved the style the tests are formed and they cover all the significant topics from the subjects. I would definitely suggest Brainmeasures to my friends and family. "

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