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First, we will make any number of Sample Question and We are Confident when you choose our tests to hire employees you will choose the best and Invoice only sent when your hiring process is complete. Before that, we won’t ask you to pay anything in advance.

We have a team of over
300 highly experienced and qualified professionals

We can develop the customized tests on any given topic or you can choose tests from
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We are developing tests for big companies since 2017

Now, we have launched our platform for companies who want to hire a right Employee which is hassle-free and convenient to use

We give you 100 percent customized tests, and we will send you to sample MCQ’s specifically designed to meet your requirements, only when you approve of them we will take your order

We offer unlimited revisions, but we are sure it is not gonna happen because we know our trade well. Testing candidates is what we are expert at

Tests will be multiple choice questions

We are 100 percent sure that you will approve in the first attempt as there will be no grammatical mistake, no question framing issues, questions strictly based on provided topics with 100 percent original content

We have a team of over 300 highly experienced and qualified professionals


Stage 1: Scope/ Definition/Discussion

panel of subject matter experts is formed who are professionals and have the exact knowledge and experience to write, review and edit test articles. They decide the most relevant and essential topics that need to be examined and tested so that every candidate is equally assessed on a common set of knowledge, skills and aptitudes.

Stage 2: Job Analysis/Curriculum Design

The subject matter experts perform brainstorming sessions of various comprehensive topics in which test questions have to be developed in order to collectively select the most significant topics that are appropriate in relation to the test taker’s job and deeply helps to assess the knowledge and performance of the test taker.

Stage 3: Test Specifications/Development

The questions selected in the test are based on a job analysis and the entire test is developed in such a way that it enables to check the knowledge of the candidate from the job perspective. Tests designed keeping the job perspective in mind leads to more effective screening of the knowledge and expertise of the test taker.

Stage 4: Technical Review

After the tests are developed, they are sent for a technical review within our organization. At this stage, our team of experienced and qualified faculty members examine the suitability and correctness of the test and help identify for any discrepancies. Technical reviews are extremely beneficial since they provide a significant number of views and recommendations for improved testing.

Stage 5: Pilot Testing

Brainmeasures strongly relies on in-house testing. The final tests are then sent for in-house testing where the tests are passed on to various candidates who take the test and check it’s usability and accuracy. This helps in providing us with honest feedback’s and suggestions in designing enhanced tests.

Stage 6: Feedback

Once we have acquired the feedback from all the candidates, a collective feedback is given to the subject matter expert’s panel and the important aspects of the feedback are discussed and taken into consideration by them.

Stage 7: Final Review

After receiving the feedbacks, the subject matter experts make the necessary changes for improved and advanced test for the test takers.

Stage 8: Final Launch

Once the test has been tested, transformed and improved, it reaches its concluding stage and is finally launched.

Big corporates, 500 fortunes companies, Job web portals or other big companies that conduct Test challenges to select the best talent, Before they start employee hiring process, they include us in developing Test.

We never disappoint, this is the reason we are working with more than 200 companies and in business since 2017

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