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Brian de fontany

AWS Dynamo Db Course

" Full of information, well explained... "

09 May, 2022

Ariel B

Data Scientists Certification

" Brainmeasures is a great place if you want to get a certification, Course was in-dpeth. "

09 May, 2022

Florian palatini

AWS Certification

" This amazing course did help a lot! Just got my 1st AWS certificate "

05 May, 2022


SAP architect

" Perfect course if you are looking for all the topics covered in short time "

28 Apr, 2022

Akash Patel

LinkedIn Marketing

" excellent course. "

26 Apr, 2022

Paul Dunlop

Instagram Marketing

" I work as a freelance digital marketing professional, this course really helped me understand Insta marketing, now I take insta marketing projects. "

24 Apr, 2022

Siddartha Kansal

Adobe Photoshop l Web design Course

" Best Course, detailed explanation. "

22 Apr, 2022

Craig Threison

Scala 3.0 l big data Course

" The tutor took out time to explain terms and concepts in the simplest way possible. I really enjoyed the course. "

19 Apr, 2022

Georgina Hilna

Machine Learning Course

" Excellente. "

18 Apr, 2022


Problem Identification with AI

" Detailed course, all aspects are covered good course. "

18 Apr, 2022

Brad James

AI with R course

" Appreciate all your effort to consolidate all the information in this course. "

12 Apr, 2022

Steve P Brady

Apache Beam

" An excellent introduction to the topics. "

12 Apr, 2022

Salil Sheikh

Coudera Hadoop Administrator

" I needed the certification for this skill and my experience with Brainmeasures has been great. "

10 Apr, 2022

Rahul Kaushik

Apache Flinx

" Excellent course. "

05 Apr, 2022

Frank Labbe

Microsoft Azure 303 Architect Technologies

" Detailed and in-depth coverage of the subject. "

04 Apr, 2022

Lousin Mehrabi

Web design with AI

" This is an awesome course. "

31 Mar, 2022

Harman Seera

Video Creation with AI

" It's an amazing course, learnt a lot, ready to work on my project. "

31 Mar, 2022

Ozer Yilmaz

Digital Marketing with AI Course

" The course is very good and gives lot of insights "

28 Mar, 2022

Chica Rebelde

Angular Node JS and Mern

" Very good course. "

27 Mar, 2022

Suresh Patwardhan

TypeScript Course

" After finishing the course I have gained good knowledge about TypeScript. "

25 Mar, 2022

Mark Stewart

Jmeter l App Performance testing

" This was an amazing course. "

18 Mar, 2022

Marc Lamy

json Ajax API Course

" great content, effortless learning, great experience. "

16 Mar, 2022

Steve Nauri

Rest API Web Services.

" This is the best organization for certification. "

13 Mar, 2022

Jonathan K


" Very easy to follow and understand. "

10 Mar, 2022

Jamie V

Agile Practitioner Course

" I greatly appreciate the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired from this course. "

10 Mar, 2022


Mern Stack Course

" Recommended! "

08 Mar, 2022


SAP Project Manager Course

" In-depth and detailed, clear, practical. "

05 Mar, 2022

Bill Brincle

Robot Framework Automation 2 Course

" Overall great. I learned a lot. "

04 Mar, 2022

Pascal Bornet

Python Data Science course

" Completed in full — course was concise and well structured. "

03 Mar, 2022

DJ Duarte

Raspberry Pi Course

" Great content, best services, reasonable price. "

03 Mar, 2022

Reena Sabet

Deep learning and Data science with Python

" Took this course because I needed certification but was amazed with the quality content Brainmeasures is providing. "

01 Mar, 2022

Siddarth Dey

Machine learning and data science with Python

" Great course! "

28 Feb, 2022

Jason Moss

GCP Cloud architect

" Great learning experience, just received my certificate, Brainmeasures is great for learning and development. "

27 Feb, 2022

Rupam Roy

DevOps Jenkins Course

" Completed in full — course was concise and well structured. "

27 Feb, 2022

Rachid Labrik

Microsoft Azure Architect AZ304 Course

" Great learning resource. "

22 Feb, 2022

Kora Sanchez

Microsoft Power BI

" This is the best course on Power BI I have encountered! "

21 Feb, 2022


AWS Technical Training Course

" good course clears the basics and hand holds you to advance level. "

18 Feb, 2022

Nita Talati

Java Spring and Framework Course

" Excellent course. "

18 Feb, 2022

Anil Aggarwal

Artificial Intelligence and Unity

" This course is fantastic, I cannot rate it highly enough. If you are a beginner like me I'd recommend you get this course. "

16 Feb, 2022

Brian De fontenay

Machine learning and Pyhton

" A very good course on the subject, explained well by the tutor. "

15 Feb, 2022

Bernie Riefkind

Blockchain Course

" This course is worth all the money you spend, detailed, in-depth well curated. "

10 Feb, 2022

Neil Patel

Mobile Marketing Course

" Good course, easy to understand, its a great experience. "

10 Feb, 2022

yannik Webber

Salesforce Developer Course

" An in-depth course, filled with a lot of information. "

10 Feb, 2022

Howard farren

AWS and Big Data

" Best!!!! "

09 Feb, 2022

Brad Travis

Python Hacking Course

" The best course, all complex topics have been broken into simple topics for easy understanding, full marks to creator of this course "

03 Feb, 2022

Holy Branson

TensorFlow and Deep learning

" I really wanted to have a working knowledge of these two and Brainmeasures did a great job. "

02 Feb, 2022

Gazal Bhanmbri

Ajax development

" Well, structured course, concepts explained clearly, and good use of case studies. Overall a very good course. "

31 Jan, 2022


Devops Course

" This is an amazing course for beginners who want to understand everything in DevOps "

06 Jan, 2022


Ethical Hacking

" detailed course, explained with a lot of examples, learning a lot. "

05 Jan, 2022

Reyaz Ahmed

product development

" Awesome course, self-paced so could study at my convenience, definitely added to my knowledge and using it my work. "

01 Jan, 2022

David Anderson

French Certification

" Well drafted course, it was easy to learn a foreign language. Overall satisfied. "

29 Dec, 2021

Pascal Bornet

Agile and Scrum

" very good course explained well and clear. "

28 Dec, 2021


Food Safety

" I wanted this certification to get the right job, Brainmeasures delivered. "

15 Dec, 2021


Docker and kubernates

" Great platform to learn and get professional certification. "

13 Dec, 2021


Microsoft Excel

" good course with a lot of practical examples. "

11 Dec, 2021


agile game development

" Thanks Brainmeasures!! "

08 Dec, 2021


Statistics and Minitab

" Excellent!! "

06 Dec, 2021

Reno Parry


" Great course, lots of hands-on exercises, overall a great course. "

05 Dec, 2021


Spanish Course

" to count the positives, it is in-depth, easy to understand, engaging, the pace is right, loving the process of learning a new language. Cons haven't come across any yet. "

03 Dec, 2021


Spanish Course

" to count the positives, it is in-depth, easy to understand, engaging, the pace is right, loving the process of learning a new language. Cons haven't come across any yet. "

03 Dec, 2021


Spanish Course

" to count the positives, it is in-depth, easy to understand, engaging, the pace is right, loving the process of learning a new language. Cons haven't come across any yet. "

03 Dec, 2021


Spanish Course

" to count the positives, it is in-depth, easy to understand, engaging, the pace is right, loving the process of learning a new language. Cons haven't come across any yet. "

03 Dec, 2021


Spanish Course

" to count the positives, it is in-depth, easy to understand, engaging, the pace is right, loving the process of learning a new language. Cons haven't come across any yet. "

03 Dec, 2021


Spanish Course

" to count the positives, it is in-depth, easy to understand, engaging, the pace is right, loving the process of learning a new language. Cons haven't come across any yet. "

03 Dec, 2021


Spanish Course

" to count the positives, it is in-depth, easy to understand, engaging, the pace is right, loving the process of learning a new language. Cons haven't come across any yet. "

03 Dec, 2021


Spanish Course

" to count the positives, it is in-depth, easy to understand, engaging, pace is right, loving the process of learning a new language. Cons haven't come across any yet. "

03 Dec, 2021

Ashton Lobo

SQl Data Analytics

" Great Course!!! "

02 Dec, 2021

Chris Hubbard

Data warehousing

" Detailed, well structured, good course. "

01 Dec, 2021


Business Analysis

" great learning experience. "

30 Nov, 2021

Daniel Ibrahim

Digital Marketing

" The effective course gives lots of hands-on exercises to practically implement the teachings, recommeded. "

29 Nov, 2021


Lean Six Sigma

" The best part is I have started working and improving my processes. "

27 Nov, 2021

Brian Defontana

SAP Audit

" Amazing course, it has been a very good experience. "

26 Nov, 2021

Danniel Hanna

G Suite Course

" helped me a lot in my career growth. "

20 Nov, 2021



" Great course and excellent services by Brainmeasures. "

19 Nov, 2021

Christopher Hummel

PyTorch and Deep Learning

" This is a great course, Brainmeasures certification got me a job. "

17 Nov, 2021


Machine Learning

" Good explanation of concepts, crisp and clear. "

16 Nov, 2021

paul deane

game development

" the best course, highly recommended!!! "

15 Nov, 2021


Good learning

" "

24 Oct, 2021

Abid walow

Cloud Computing

" Brainmeasures offers a very good platform for learners, good content, and great support. "

06 Oct, 2021

anthony james

data science interview preparation

" I got the job, I don't think I need to write another single word about it. "

25 Sep, 2021

Tobias Van

Corporate Recruiter Course

" Been in this industry for 10 years but learned a lot from this course, value for money. "

22 Sep, 2021

Virginia Franco

Coding Interview Preparation

" This is a great course, very helpful, lot of practice questions, must-have if you are preparing for a coding interview. "

16 Sep, 2021


Data analytics with SQL

" Well developed by course, I cracked my job interview. "

15 Sep, 2021


Digital Transformation Course

" This is the best decision I took for my business, it's an elaborate course that will actually guide you to digitally transform your business. I learned and a lot and started to implement this in my business and taking baby steps to transform my business fully and take it global. "

07 Sep, 2021



" Good Service . It's better experience for me "

05 Sep, 2021

Abhishek vk

" "

04 Sep, 2021


graphic designing course

" Learned a lot, a great course, I have started to work as a freelancer. "

22 Aug, 2021

William Keylor

JavaScript for Kids

" I enrolled my son in this online course program, must say it was a great decision, he is loving this course. "

18 Aug, 2021

Alfred Ritza

Android Developer

" I got a job using Brainmeasures certification, this course is really good. "

07 Aug, 2021


Git Course

" Great course on GIt and GitHUb. "

04 Aug, 2021


Project Management

" The course eas detailed, structured and easy. "

03 Aug, 2021


Web Designing

" the best course, if interested in front end designing must enroll "

31 Jul, 2021


Copywriting Course

" The best course gained so much knowledge. "

26 Jul, 2021

Micheal Fletch

Social Media Management

" The best course, learned a great deal, leaving the review after I received my hard copy, Brainmeasures is a professional company for professionals. "

25 Jul, 2021

Azhar mehmod

Social Media MAnagement

" After completing this course and getting certification, I and my team are getting 3X orders, thanks to Brainmeasures. "

24 Jul, 2021

Jon whitby

acupressure course

" detailed, clear, well-structured course. "

19 Jul, 2021

Jay Engles

Body Language

" detailed, structured, and comprehensive business body language course, turned me into a confident young man. "

17 Jul, 2021

Joerg Storm

PHP Programming

" wonderful services. "

16 Jul, 2021


Microsoft Excel Course

" This course covers everything you need to know about excel. "

16 Jul, 2021

Ashley gramham

Cloud Computing

" The best course, go for it. "

29 Jun, 2021


Body Language

" Great course, learned a LOT. "

28 Jun, 2021



" want to learn HTML, this is the best course I did tey few other platforms but this course is simply great. "

26 Jun, 2021


Statistical quality control with minitab

" 10 on 10 Recommended. "

24 Jun, 2021

Sachin Yeole

Ethereum and Solidity

" an absolute must if you want to learn about ethereum. "

20 Jun, 2021

David KNell

Python Programming

" It is a detailed course, can be easily understood. "

16 Jun, 2021


English kids course

" I enrolled in this course as I wanted my son to be a good at English, its worth each penny "

12 Jun, 2021



" This is one of the best courses I have taken from react, I arrived without knowing anything and left with many bases. I am a confident react developer now. "

10 Jun, 2021

Sean Leweren

Project based web development

" Must appreciate, Brainmeasures web development course is best it is detailed, I did know anything about web development now I can develop apps with ease. "

08 Jun, 2021

Yi HSuan

Python Backend Web Developer

" A gold for beginners looking to dive into backend development with Python. "

05 Jun, 2021


Web Development Course

" Great course "

04 Jun, 2021

Felix j


" A wonderful introduction to NodeJS with plenty of excellent resources "

04 Jun, 2021

Dennis Appel

Electronic PCB Design Course

" incredible course! "

25 May, 2021

Kevin Birito


" Amazing course. "

24 May, 2021

Bob Hammell

Digital Product Management

" Amazing course! It's super packed with relevant content. It's a very exhausting and enriching experience at the same time. Enjoyed doing this course. "

24 May, 2021

Gary Loayza


" This was a great course that taught me exactly what I was looking for. "

20 May, 2021


Python Training Course

" The course was excellent and an amazing instructor. "

20 May, 2021

Zacharias Georgopoulos

Google Data Studio

" The course was quite interesting and the instructor kept things simple and straightforward. I would recommend this course to someone who doesn't know anything about Google Data Studio. "

20 May, 2021

Abhinav Singh

Full stack developer

" great. "

15 May, 2021

Matt Higgins

Certified Spanish Trainer

" This is a great course, detailed, easy, and yes I am now a certified Spanish Trainer. "

12 May, 2021

David Kroening

JDBC programming

" Well developed course, it's clear, concise and covers all topics. "

10 May, 2021

Craig Shaw

PHP CMS certifcation

" I really liked this course, it matched my expectation "

08 May, 2021

Balaji Naik


" Want to learn JQuery, go for this course. "

07 May, 2021

Tamer Kotb

Salesforce Consultant

" Indeed a very good course, exam wad proctored and services are very good. "

05 May, 2021

Mayur Singla

Linux certificate

" Received my certificate today, I needed it for my job. "

04 May, 2021

Lars christopher

Swift Programming Course

" The way the complete course has been developed is appreciable, easy to follow, practical, and hands-on. "

03 May, 2021

Nesli Girgin

RPA Course

" It was a great course, definitely beneficial for my career. "

01 May, 2021

Lima Presky

SQL Developer

" recommended!! "

29 Apr, 2021

Nimish Koshti

Management Skills

" Really very nice course, packed with a lot of information and tips and tricls. "

27 Apr, 2021


Game development

" A 14-year-old saying thanks to Brainmeasures, I discovered a new passion. "

26 Apr, 2021


Python Programming

" Best. "

24 Apr, 2021


Informatica Course

" I needed the certificate for my job and Brainmeasures delivered, thank you. "

23 Apr, 2021


Web developer

" Badiya course, ache se samjh aa gaya. "

22 Apr, 2021

Pascal Bornet

Android Developer Course

" This is the best course I have learned I have learned a lot "

22 Apr, 2021


Business Plan

" Elaborate, easy to follow overall a very goof course. "

19 Apr, 2021

Dipen Shah


" Packed with a lot of information, a very good course. "

13 Apr, 2021

Strati G

Pega Course

" Good. "

12 Apr, 2021

Shilpi Singh

NLP with Python Course

" This is an excellent course that covers an impressive set of NLP use cases and techniques from the basics to moderately advanced applications "

11 Apr, 2021

Shane Wentz

Git and GitHub Course

" This course covers all the basics and all the advanced features of Git in great detail. If you want to truly understand how Git works, this course will reveal it. "

09 Apr, 2021

Gregory H

PyTorch for Deep Learning

" Great course, excellent content. "

08 Apr, 2021

Vikas Kolage

Oracle Database administrator

" really nice tutorial for understanding basics OF ORACLE AND BASIC ABOUT DBA. "

07 Apr, 2021

Ozer Yilmaz

AWS security Course

" Great for working professionals, courses are self-paced and certificate really helped me a lot. "

05 Apr, 2021

Tamer Kotb

Python Programming

" Detailed course, covers a lot with clarity and detail. "

01 Apr, 2021


Resume writing

" being a freelancer content writer I was lately getting a lot of resume writing offers, this course was all I needed, I can take this job with confidence now. "

31 Mar, 2021

Shahida Akram

Content marketing

" Good course. "

30 Mar, 2021


ASWS Serveless Backed Course

" very good course. "

29 Mar, 2021

Daniel Abrahanm

Elasticsearch 7

" This course is best, will give you complete knowledge elasticsearch 7. "

29 Mar, 2021


Graphic Design

" Detailed, updated course, must enroll if you are serious about graphic designing. "

28 Mar, 2021


PHP Laravel Course

" Excellent!! "

27 Mar, 2021

Alina pandurr

HTML5 and CCS3 Course

" I learned a lot, nice course. "

26 Mar, 2021

Tushar Gupta

Node.js Developer

" this course is detailed, easy to understand and well developed, "

25 Mar, 2021

Graeme Jones

G Suite Course

" It's a really detailed course, I can now efficiently use each and every advanced feature of google without a doubt. "

22 Mar, 2021

Manil Mehta


" It's actually a very good course, the instructor knows how to explain the concepts, overall satisfied. "

20 Mar, 2021


Data Science

" The best self-learning platform, this course is genuinely good. "

19 Mar, 2021


game and app development

" Good course. "

18 Mar, 2021


Selenium Webdriver

" The course is insightful. "

16 Mar, 2021

Ryan Roslansky

Microsoft Word

" Being a student I was curious to learn and use MS word fully, Brainmeasures course is truly comprehensive. "

15 Mar, 2021

Daniel Abrahams

We Development Course

" I wanted to learn it as a skill to earn some extra money as a freelancer but the Brainmeasures certificate actually got we a job in a reputed app development company. "

10 Mar, 2021

Abhijeet Deshmukh

Microsoft Excel

" As mentioned it is actually the most comprehensive course on excel, you will need to look no further. "

09 Mar, 2021

Binaya Kumar

Microsoft Excel

" A necessary skill and Brainmeasures course is the perfect course. "

07 Mar, 2021

Gemma Jones

Web Developer Course

" A great course that covers pretty much everything important. It's a complete web developer course. "

04 Mar, 2021

Javed Sheikh

Body Language course

" Body language is a very important aspect of business today, this is the best course to shape your skills. "

04 Mar, 2021

Puneet Lambha

Docker and Kunernetes Course

" excellent course by Brainmeasures. "

02 Mar, 2021

Ashutosh Debata

TensorFlow Deep learning

" Best Course on this topic, I am happy found this portal. "

01 Mar, 2021

Randy Ketrtson

Machine Learning Azure

" this course is packed with all the information required to implement Machine Learning with Azure. "

26 Feb, 2021

Akash Kumar

Data Analytics

" It helped me in my career, thanks Brainmeasures "

26 Feb, 2021

Vimal Chandok

Python Programming Kids

" My son is really enjoying and learning a lot. "

23 Feb, 2021

Orkhan Baghizade

Kids coding

" Wanted my son to learn to program but i wanted him to make an effort and self-learn, Brainmeasures is the best platform for this, he is loving it. "

22 Feb, 2021

Joe Merrimen

AWS Course

" Must enroll if you are looking for a career in AWS. "

21 Feb, 2021

Steve Nauri

AWS Developer Associate

" Well developed quality course gives all the required information to master the subject. "

20 Feb, 2021

Ibrahim Ezinga

Microsoft Power BI Course

" Wonderful course, learning a lot. "

20 Feb, 2021

Jackie Whitehead


" Very Good Course "

18 Feb, 2021

Eric Thompson

Tableau 10

" Perfect course for self-learning. "

12 Feb, 2021

Deblyan Dey

Pharmacy Technician

" Received my certificate today, Now I can apply as a permanent employee. "

10 Feb, 2021

Raunak Shah

Front End Developer

" I learned a lot, it's a comprehensive course. "

10 Feb, 2021

Rose Heathcote

Business Analyst course

" One of the best e-learning portals. "

09 Feb, 2021

Tri Nguyen

Manufacturing Engineering Certificate

" The value is amazing! Although not a university degree, a Brainmeasures certificate provides comparable bookwork and tests at a very low cost. Managed to complete the course with 5 months of studying, which propelled me towards my goal of being an industrial engineer! "

07 Feb, 2021

Dan Davis

DevOps Course

" Must learn this skill, great course. "

04 Feb, 2021


JavaScript Course

" very detailed course, well explained, no need for any outside instructor. "

01 Feb, 2021


Six Sigma Green Belt

" Best. "

29 Jan, 2021


Deep Learning

" Good Course, topics covered in detail. "

25 Jan, 2021

Vy Dang

Machine learning

" recommended! "

24 Jan, 2021


Data Analyst

" It's one of the best decisions I made, it's a really good course. "

23 Jan, 2021

Vineet Diwedi

Lean Construction

" Best course on this subject, learning a lot. "

21 Jan, 2021


Bodyguard Course

" I wanted certification for the job, Brainmeasures really helped. "

20 Jan, 2021

Nishu Jalotia

Body Language

" This course has proved to be life-changing for me. I work as a freelancer now and earn really well. "

19 Jan, 2021

Cory Warfield

Blue Print Reading

" Recommended!!! "

17 Jan, 2021


Content Marketing

" I learned a lot from this course, great content presented in an easy way. "

16 Jan, 2021

Alicia Pierre

Business Analyst

" Totally in love with Brainmeasures, a wonderful course, and the way it has been delivered. "

14 Jan, 2021

Robert Lofthouse

Artificial Intellligence

" All I can say its a well thought out course on artificial intelligence, will recommend it to anyone who wants to understand AI in a thorough way. "

13 Jan, 2021


Machine Leanring

" I totally love Brainmeasures, it's a great place to learn. "

12 Jan, 2021

Simon Gary


" Well developed course, my concepts are clear. "

11 Jan, 2021


Machine Learning

" Must enroll if you want to learn ML "

11 Jan, 2021

Gaurav Arya

Project Management Certification

" Its best course, full of knowledge. "

10 Jan, 2021

Harsh Kumar


" I learned a lot, the material is very good. "

08 Jan, 2021

Abdul L

Blue Print Reading

" This is a great course. "

08 Jan, 2021

Rakshith Maben

Ajax Development

" Brainmeasures is the best platform for self-learning. "

06 Jan, 2021

Steve Wohelnaous

Digital Marketing

" I enrolled in my team for this course, getting good feedback from them. "

05 Jan, 2021

Souvik Mitra

Data Analatics

" I really wanted to learn data analytics but at my own pace, Brainmeasures is perfect. "

03 Jan, 2021


Body Language course

" loving this course, a great experience. "

03 Jan, 2021

Rodica Dunlop

PHP course

" Brilliant! "

02 Jan, 2021

Kelly Mizeel

GRE Math

" it's actually a very good course, I am learning a lot. "

01 Jan, 2021

Heather Louisea

Body Language

" Packed with a lot of good information. "

31 Dec, 2020

Sudha Anil


" I loved this course, great learning ecperience. "

29 Dec, 2020

Grace Kerrison


" Recommended. "

28 Dec, 2020

Tripti Jain

Adobe Edge Animate

" This course is of high quality, touches all important topics. "

26 Dec, 2020

Felix Tih

Software Testing

" I just received my Certificate, looking forward to a great 2021. Thanks Brainmeasures "

26 Dec, 2020

Ruhi Mirchsndani

SAP Course

" This is great web-portal hope I had found it earlier. "

25 Dec, 2020

Graeme Jonas

Cloud Computing

" I liked this course, the lectures were really good. "

25 Dec, 2020

Cristian Kuruvilla

Lean Management

" Really good lean management course, concepts explained well. "

24 Dec, 2020

Christie Array

Web Developer Certification

" great services by this web portal. "

15 Dec, 2020

Komal Mundhara

Data Structures

" it's very good course. "

14 Dec, 2020

Strati Georgopoulos

Digital asset management

" overall I liked this website, and the course is well developed. "

13 Dec, 2020

Jerian Hossain

Quantity Surveyor

" This certification actually helped me get a job. "

12 Dec, 2020

Gemma Jones

Body Language Course

" It a very useful course, helped me a lot professionally. "

11 Dec, 2020

Sweta Singh

Cloud Computing

" It's a good course. Good subject coverage. "

09 Dec, 2020

Anthony james

SAP Controlling

" It's a good web-portal for online learning. "

09 Dec, 2020

Unnati Survade


" Very satisfied with the course. "

08 Dec, 2020

Rishab Gupta

Data Analytics

" Highly recommend it, got a good insight on this subject. "

06 Dec, 2020

Sudip Shukla


" I enjoyed the course, it's clear and well explained. "

03 Dec, 2020

N. Prabhu

Digital Asset Management

" Overall a very good experience. "

03 Dec, 2020

Terrance O

Blue Print Reading

" Great course, hard to find an online course on this subject. But this is really good. "

02 Dec, 2020


Pharmacy Technician

" It's a very good course on this subject, the videos are of good quality. "

30 Nov, 2020


QuickBooks Certification

" This is a gem of a website, with so many great courses and certifications. "

27 Nov, 2020


Body Language

" learned a lot from this course. recommended. "

26 Nov, 2020

Paul Tresawer

Big Data

" Loved this course, learned a lot, the best thing about this is, is self-paced. The video quality is very good. "

24 Nov, 2020



" Great course, good content. "

24 Nov, 2020


Bodyguard Course

" I really needed this certification. "

23 Nov, 2020

Jean Claude

python course

" Great website!! "

22 Nov, 2020


agile testing

" I received my certificate well before my interview, thank you Brainmeasures. "

19 Nov, 2020


digital asset management

" Great course, you must give it a try if you are interested in this subject. "

18 Nov, 2020


Accounting in Healthcare

" It's a good course. "

17 Nov, 2020


Construction Project Management

" Great course and website. "

11 Nov, 2020


pharmacy technician

" Great online course, certificate helped me a lot in getting a good job. "

09 Nov, 2020

Brenon Kepanno

Cloud Computing

" Great course, learned a great deal. "

08 Nov, 2020

Nilesh Sharma

Six Sigma Black Belt

" Great course and the trainer is wonderful. "

07 Nov, 2020

Phil Dorjee

Codependency Course

" Was looking badly for a good course on this subject, Brainmeasures came to rescue. Thanks "

05 Nov, 2020

Winter Crypto

Sap Architect

" This was an amazing course! "

03 Nov, 2020


Selenium Webdriver

" A great place to get a skill certification. "

03 Nov, 2020


Selenium Course

" I am really happy with this course, great course, easy to follow and understand. "

30 Oct, 2020


PHP certificate

" the good thing was the test was free and I just had to pay for the certificate. They are quick to respond. "

30 Oct, 2020


Body Language Certificate

" Well developed content. "

29 Oct, 2020

Ravi Mohan

Agile Testing

" Brainmeasures certification helped me getting Job. Thanks "

28 Oct, 2020


Cryptography Certifictaion

" Fantastic recommended. "

28 Oct, 2020

Rainer Nocos

Java course

" Thank u so much for this amazing flood of knowledge on the topic, really appreciate ur efforts to make coding a real easy hobby. "

23 Oct, 2020


Iot certification

" I really needed the certification for my job, it really helped my resume. Thanks "

22 Oct, 2020

Jenny Prescotta

Body Language Certificate

" They are really good at what they do. "

17 Oct, 2020


Business Analysts

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Agile Testing

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Machine Learning

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Data Science Certification

" I enjoyed this course very much. Even though I have some background in ML, this course helped me to build a broad picture on the data science domain. It contains general information and brings first understanding of data science. "

13 Jun, 2020

Achyut Srivastava

Artificial Intelligence Certification

" The explanation was really good. plus i am a certified professional, which really adds up to my resume. "

11 Jun, 2020


Python Certification

" I waited to completely finish the course to rate it. This was my first approach to python, i am an excel and VBA user. I believe this course gave me all the tool to understand the functionality of Python, the basic functions and much more. "

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Scrum Course

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Powerful Scrum Certification

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Digital Marketing

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Data Science

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Machine Learning Certification

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Devops Certification

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CPR Course

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Kevin K

Business Analyst Certification

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Rahul Bharadwaj

Team Building Course

" A comprehensive and detailed course for anyone looking to build effective teams. Covers most of the topics required for a real-world professional. Clear and easy to understand explanations. "

09 Mar, 2020

Boaz Sadeh

SAP Hana

" This is a great course "

08 Mar, 2020

Martin Hummel

Creative Writing

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" Yeah it's great course on Blue print reading, I highly recommend this one, "

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03 Mar, 2020

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Agile Course

" Excellent Course and more detailed flavor of Agile principles in brief. "

02 Mar, 2020

Lina Druskiene

Business Analyst Certification

" liked the course because of the content, many exercises, gained lot of information. "

02 Mar, 2020

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Great Course

" Got some hands on learning of Spanish Language. "

27 Feb, 2020

Alexey Tsvetkov

Thank you

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17 Feb, 2020

Sander Liivandi

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Project management Course

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blue print reading, very helpful

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" Enjoyed this course - a lot of good content. "

13 Jan, 2020


Thank you

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Body Language

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