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Trust and Credibility

" It's nice to see the final Certification exams of Brainmeasures are watched by Human Proctors. "

06 Jun, 2023

Selenium Certification

Best course

" great website , loved the service. "

06 Jun, 2023

carrie Joseph

Amazing services

" enrolled for Nutrition course, it has been a great experience, course is good, easy to understand. "

06 Jun, 2023



" Employers recognize candidates certified by Brainmeasures . Certification helped me to get Job. "

06 Jun, 2023

Shiv Pandaya

Nmap Ethical hacking and network security

" In-depth, detailed, and thorough course. "

05 Jun, 2023

Paulene shomp

project management certification

" Just got my certificate from Brainmeasures, all i need to get desired job. "

05 Jun, 2023

Weimin Tan

Data Science

" Greatest course for anyone who has the guts to learn. "

05 Jun, 2023


Body Language

" learned a lot from this course. recommended. "

05 Jun, 2023


Hard-copy certificate

" today i received my laminated hard-copy certificate with complete analysis report from Brainmeasures . thanks Brainmeasures. "

04 Jun, 2023



" Brainmeasures certification courses have no comparison . "

04 Jun, 2023

Souvik Mitra

Data Analatics

" I really wanted to learn data analytics but at my own pace, Brainmeasures is perfect. "

04 Jun, 2023

Ruhi Mirchsndani

SAP Course

" This is great web-portal hope I had found it earlier. "

03 Jun, 2023


Proctoring exam

" Brainmeasures is such a platform where you cannot cheat and certification are recognized by employers . great "

03 Jun, 2023


Loved the Video Course

" Windows 10 video course offered by Brainmeasures gave me in-depth Knowledge . Wonderful "

03 Jun, 2023

Kent H

Organizational Behaviour

" Overall useful course, especially for inexperienced professionals. All the presented information and theories are relevant. "

02 Jun, 2023

Neeraj Sharma

Unix Shell Scripting

" I really required this certification for my job, my fellow associates and I chose Brainmeasures and we are glad we did. "

02 Jun, 2023


Machine Learning

" Good explanation of concepts, crisp and clear. "

02 Jun, 2023


Artificial Intelligence

" I was very keen to lean about AI but did not had time to join a time-bound class, Brainmeasures self paced courses gave me a perfect platform and the course is great indeed. "

02 Jun, 2023

Jenny Norman

Broadcast engineering

" I was looking for this course but couldn't find a suitable course but Brainmeasures broadcast engineering course is gem, covers all important topics, easy to understand. Thanks!!! "

01 Jun, 2023



" got my hard-copy certificate "

01 Jun, 2023

Ashley gramham

Cloud Computing

" The best course, go for it. "

01 Jun, 2023

Robert Lofthouse

Artificial Intellligence

" All I can say its a well thought out course on artificial intelligence, will recommend it to anyone who wants to understand AI in a thorough way. "

31 May, 2023

Andrew Kagan

DeVops Certification

" Great course and certification program. "

31 May, 2023

Ozer Yilmaz

Digital Marketing with AI Course

" The course is very good and gives lot of insights "

31 May, 2023

Amer Alassadi

Quickbooks Certification

" Overall a great course. "

31 May, 2023

Driton Alija


" Great course, I highly recommend to all who want to know if they are using the right PHP framework in their work. It explains very clean things about each framework. I am very satisfied. "

30 May, 2023


good company

" i Will recommend Brainmeasures to others for certifications "

30 May, 2023

Shane Wentz

Git and GitHub Course

" This course covers all the basics and all the advanced features of Git in great detail. If you want to truly understand how Git works, this course will reveal it. "

30 May, 2023


Data analysis certification

" I really enjoyed the course and it gave all tips I needed and prepared me to a Data Science Interview. I can say that It made me feel very calm and confident in answering technical question in a technical data science interview setting. In the end I GOT THE JOB as a data scientist in a Big Global Consulting firm. Highly recommend this course. "

30 May, 2023


Objective C Certification

" I gave my final exam under human proctor and got 72 % marks . Brainmeasures courses are developed in such a way they give you in-depth knowledge about the subject in an easy way . Got My hard-copy . feeling awesome "

29 May, 2023



" Good collection Of Skill Tests "

29 May, 2023



" Bundle of free skill tests are available on Brainmeasures website . Great "

29 May, 2023


Best portal for employee testing.

" Used their coding platform, must say they did a commendable job with question quality. "

29 May, 2023

Jaya Brahmchari

Unix Shell Scripting

" The best website for certification, really helped me with my job. "

28 May, 2023


Python Training Course

" The course was excellent and an amazing instructor. "

28 May, 2023

Paulene shomp

project management certification

" Just got my certificate from Brainmeasures, all i need to get desired job. "

27 May, 2023



" Excellent platform for online certification and Brainmeasures Procting services . "

27 May, 2023


Data analytics with SQL

" Well developed by course, I cracked my job interview. "

27 May, 2023

Swati Narayan

Power BI course

" Really very nice course for beginners. It is actually for beginners who want to start Power BI at the very first. With hands-on, it makes it more understandable. Thank you. "

27 May, 2023

Felix j


" A wonderful introduction to NodeJS with plenty of excellent resources "

26 May, 2023