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We have hundreds of employers from a whole range of countries including the US, Japan, Australia and India using our globally designed Brainmeasures Online Employment Testing Solution service to successfully recruit the best workers in their organizations and pursue organizational goals swiftly. We are providing our pre-employment testing service virtually in more than 1000 professional fields to facilitate employers pursuing a whole range of businesses round the globe. You can be the next one to find competent workers and can convert your dream business into reality.

Have you got highly qualified and skilled employees to pursue your business or you always remain worried about your incompetent employees? Have you tested them before you actually recruited them to work in your company? If yes, it will probably be based on an interview. Do you know how your organization can pursue what you actually dreamt of? Your dream can be true soon if you have the best employees and you can only have the best employees in the industry if you have tested their abilities through a rigorous testing service. We are currently offering a golden chance to all the employers to retain the best employees in town using our Brainmeasures Online Employment Testing Solution.


Stage 1: Scope/ Definition/Discussion

panel of subject matter experts is formed who are professionals and have the exact knowledge and experience to write, review and edit test articles. They decide the most relevant and essential topics that need to be examined and tested so that every candidate is equally assessed on a common set of knowledge, skills and aptitudes.

Stage 2: Job Analysis/Curriculum Design

The subject matter experts perform brainstorming sessions of various comprehensive topics in which test questions have to be developed in order to collectively select the most significant topics that are appropriate in relation to the test taker’s job and deeply helps to assess the knowledge and performance of the test taker.

Stage 3: Test Specifications/Development

The questions selected in the test are based on a job analysis and the entire test is developed in such a way that it enables to check the knowledge of the candidate from the job perspective. Tests designed keeping the job perspective in mind leads to more effective screening of the knowledge and expertise of the test taker.

Stage 4: Technical Review

After the tests are developed, they are sent for a technical review within our organization. At this stage, our team of experienced and qualified faculty members examine the suitability and correctness of the test and help identify for any discrepancies. Technical reviews are extremely beneficial since they provide a significant number of views and recommendations for improved testing.

Stage 5: Pilot Testing

Brainmeasures strongly relies on in-house testing. The final tests are then sent for in-house testing where the tests are passed on to various candidates who take the test and check it’s usability and accuracy. This helps in providing us with honest feedback’s and suggestions in designing enhanced tests.

Stage 6: Feedback

Once we have acquired the feedback from all the candidates, a collective feedback is given to the subject matter expert’s panel and the important aspects of the feedback are discussed and taken into consideration by them.

Stage 7: Final Review

After receiving the feedbacks, the subject matter experts make the necessary changes for improved and advanced test for the test takers.

Stage 8: Final Launch

Once the test has been tested, transformed and improved, it reaches its concluding stage and is finally launched.

Why Employers Love our Tests

At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology. Our tests are developed by a panel of subject matter experts who are qualified professionals with more than 10 years’ experience in their respective fields.

There are numerous organizations who use our testing systems for their recruitment operations and we have a huge clientele ranging from small to medium to large organizations who use our tests for recruitment purposes on a very regular basis

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Our pre-employment testing service entails certain standard steps
i.e. job analysis, curriculum design, test specifications for both employers and employees, score reporting, live testing, statistical analysis and review, and forming standard results
to identify the best suitable employees for your organization