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Introduction to Six Sigma Tools

All professionals who are Six Sigma certified are proven to be well-versed when it comes to using the most prominent tools and strategies in the field of Six Sigma. Learning more about the Six Sigma tools is a huge help when attempting to correctly apply it into business operations and increase the chances of the organization to achieve the desired level of profitability and performance. As one of the most powerful methodology used in improving business processes at present, implementing Six Sigma in your business can definitely help you reach success. It allows you to achieve more when running a project since it lets you handle it in a way that high quality products and services are continuously produced. By gathering more information about the specific tools that are applicable to the Six Sigma methodology, you will be able to start enjoying all its benefits including the following:

  • Promotes a more data-driven approach in improving business processes
  • Helps in increasing customer satisfaction
  • Acquiring the loyalty of your customers
  • Better quality of products and output that will definitely persuade your clients to regularly come back
  • Helps in identifying the major causes of wastes and defects and how you can effectively remove them
  • Works in eliminating and dealing with costly errors that might threaten failure in your projects
  • Instantly detect a situation which can trigger problems in your business operations
  • Helps in minimizing possible losses, errors and wastes
  • Minimize product and service variability
  • Allows you to take advantage of effective quality management methods that can help you in easily taking care of all phases related to your business processes

All these benefits are useful when it comes to boosting a business organization’s performance, profitability, stability and productivity so it is no longer surprising to see numerous business owners who hire professionals and certification holders of all Six Sigma levels.

Basics of the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Tool

Deciding to undergo Six Sigma training will help you understand quality function deployment (QFD) tool and how it works since it is now one of the most useful tools designed for Six Sigma. This tool is proven to be useful when it comes to understanding customer requirements. It works by identifying the requirements of your clients and rating them with the help of a numerical scale. Those that hold higher numerical values represent the must-haves while the lower values symbolize the nice-to-have attributes for your products and services. When using QFD, be aware that there are numerous design options that you can use when trying to address customer needs. Each option requires you to use a score. The specific requirements that receive the highest scores are considered to be among the best solutions in achieving cost-efficiency and optimum value for your business.

Introduction to Fish Bone Diagrams

Fish bone diagram is another of the most popular Six Sigma tools used by those who have successfully completed an online Six Sigma certification course and training. These diagrams are extremely useful in detecting specific input variables that require further studies and scrutiny. The output of using this tool is a diagram which looks similarly to a fish skeleton. Fish bone diagrams also require you to group and list input variables into them so a team of professionals and experts can effectively analyze all the data. These experts will be responsible in identifying approximately 2-3 input variables that tend to cause the major source of the problem. These variables are analyzed statistically to determine the necessary improvement.

Basics of Using the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

This is another of the most useful tools that are now used when planning to effectively implement the Six Sigma methodology. This tool works by identifying the different ways through which new processes, products and services might fail. You can also use it by creating a list of all potential scenarios that may cause failure and then rating them based on importance. Once the list is created, you can start to analyze the different scenarios and come up with the most effective list of solutions. It also requires you to create a final set of ranks that specifically point to the most probable solutions to problems that cause defects. What makes this tool useful is that it works in prioritizing everything that have the tendency of going wrong and instantly fixing them before they ever affect the production process. Preventive measures can also be developed with the help of FMEA that work in targeting all the major failure scenarios.

Major Reasons to Study the Different Six Sigma Tools

Increasing your knowledge about the most effective Six Sigma tools is vital to achieving success as a Six Sigma professional. It allows you to grab highly profitable positions within a business organization because of the good impression that you will always leave to your potential employers. Just make sure that you really have the passion in applying most of the tools in Six Sigma to increase your chances of generating the most desirable results out of it.

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