Six Sigma in Automobile Industry

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Introduction to Six Sigma in Automobile Industry

Six Sigma is referred to as an effective business management strategy and quality improvement methodology which was developed and introduced by Motorola to the public. Its application is actually widespread in various sectors of the business industry. Six Sigma in automobile industry is one of its most popular applications. In an automobile business, Six Sigma works by improving quality of process outputs by determining, analyzing and eliminating the major causes of errors and defects while also reducing variability in all its processes. It utilizes a series of high quality management techniques such as statistical methods while also creating a special infrastructure of individuals within the business organization. These include Six Sigma Black Belt certification holders and Green Belts since these professionals are considered to be among the experts in this widely acclaimed methodology.

Significance of Applying Six Sigma in the Automobile Industry

Economic globalization has caused the competition in the automobile industry to get tougher. A lot of pressure in the field of manufacturing, service and product development is encountered because most of the people working in this industry are looking for ways to become even more efficient and productive. Automobile product manufacturers also encounter extreme pressure in controlling costs, meeting regulatory requirements, maintaining high level of safety and quality and increasing client satisfaction rate. All these are being effectively dealt with the help of an improvement approach and quality methodology called Six Sigma because of its effectiveness in achieving and meeting stringent requirements in the industry. Note that Six Sigma projects in the automobile industry runs based on the DMAIC method and the individual process improvement and analysis tools used in each of its phases.

Six Sigma in automobile industry is also based on 3 pillars. These are the following:

  • VOC or Voice of Customer which serves as the foundation of process improvement and analysis measures for Six Sigma processes.
  • CTQ or Critical to Quality Characteristics which works by defining the required results of processes from the point of view of customers while also representing the factors for success of an automobile company.
  • Value Marketing which states that high quality products and services in the automobile industry formulated using Six Sigma can offer success to industrial users and customers especially in their respective market while also building enough basis for multi-stage.

How can Six Sigma Benefit Automobile Industry?

The correct implementation of Six Sigma in automobile industry generate benefits that go beyond the expectations of Six Sigma certification holders and other experts who are responsible in implementing the principles of the methodology. Among the thousands of successful automobile companies that continue to generate profits and impressive benefits from applying the methodology into their operations are Ford Motor Company, Denso, Southland CNC, Autoliv, Brunswick, General Motors and Tenneco Automotive. Most of these companies work hard in achieving their Six Sigma goals with the help of the following updated and highly reliable tools.

The flexibility of Six Sigma is also one of its strongest points. It helps your automobile business stay on top by ensuring that you meet all the requirements of the constantly changing and extremely competitive industry. It should be noted that this industry has an international and broad market so you need to keep up with its changes to be able to stay competitive. Its wide market encompasses the original automobiles manufactured in the US as well as the multinational and present spectrum of parts, accessories, vehicles and developments. With the help of the methodology, you will have an easier time streamlining and changing your offers to meet the demands of the public and eventually succeeding. Note that the successful initiation of the methodology requires you to consider technical implementation issues. Its successful implementation also requires crucial elements briefly described in the following table.

Boosting Client Satisfaction Rate through Six Sigma in Automobile Industry

A significant increase in client satisfaction rate can definitely be expected if you apply all the tools, process improvement and analysis methodologies and approaches and the principles of Six Sigma in automobile industry. It is because the methodology is more focused on improving the level of quality when manufacturing automobile parts and products and providing services. Here is a figure of how Six Sigma in automobile industry relates to customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma is an extremely effective and healthy methodology designed to improve your automobile business operations. Just make sure that you remember how important it is to get enough management support, the right resources and proper and adequate training when implementing it. This will guarantee customer satisfaction, competitive and high quality products and services in the industry and higher return on investment.

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