Six Sigma for Home Makers

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Introduction to Six Sigma for Home Makers

Six Sigma has become an extremely popular methodology which is now applied to business organizations as a means of improving their manufacturing and production processes as well as the quality of their interactions to their valued customers, investors and any other individuals and organizations that play vital roles to their success. This is the main reason why you can find lots of individuals who aim to receive a Six Sigma certification or become one of the most recognizable, knowledgeable and competent Six Sigma Black Belt holders at present. The good thing about Six Sigma is that it is versatile. Apart from helping business organizations achieve success, knowledge of Six Sigma is also extremely useful to home makers who are in charge of performing a variety of tasks. Six Sigma for home makers aims to let those who are in charge of managing the household deal with all the complexities and pressures associated to their responsibilities. It helps home makers in easily fulfilling their numerous responsibilities including the following:

  • Buying foods, planning meals and cooking
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Home and lawn maintenance
  • Household management
  • Home decorations
  • Buying new clothes and other items needed by the entire family
  • Comforting partners, children and babies
  • Managing household finances

Aside from the responsibilities mentioned above, home makers have a long list of tasks to fulfill so they need a flexible method which can help them in meeting all these.

How Six Sigma can Help Home Makers?

Six Sigma for home makers has really received great reviews at present especially for parents who are trying to balance their career and familial responsibilities. Home makers can actually benefit from the 5s program usually linked to lean Six Sigma when it comes to cleaning up and organizing all their responsibilities. The table below shows how the 5s program works for millions of home makers.

How to Use Six Sigma in Maintaining Good Relationships with Spouse?

Six Sigma for home makers also often deals with finding solutions on the problems faced by married couples. The following is an illustration of how a married couple can solve a specific problem using the 5-why analysis:

After getting answers on the 5 why’s, it is safe to make an assumption that the root cause of the problem is oversleeping. You can use this analysis along with the fish bone diagram to delve deeper into the problem and find the most ideal solutions. The good thing about both the fish bone diagram and the 5-why analysis is that you can use it not only to solve problems with your spouse and maintaining good relationship with him/her but also in your attempt to effectively perform all of your other responsibilities as a home maker.


Applying Six Sigma in Performing Other Duties of a Home Maker

Six Sigma can also be applied in other vital areas of being a home maker. To manage your household finances or budget, you can use a Gantt chart. It can help you in creating a list of all your financial activities and transactions, when you have started it and the time when you plan to complete it. It is also a huge help in planning for everything that affects your household budget.

The good thing about the Gantt chart is that you can also use it to create a list of the specific tasks that you need to complete at home including managing the affairs of your children and making sure that you optimize their health. The chart enables you to use Six Sigma to obtain a clearer overview about the specific household tasks that are still in progress and require completion.

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