Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

Due to the crucial tasks performed by certified Six Sigma Green Belt certification holders, it is safe to assume that working as one enables you to enjoy a more rewarding career. Many business organizations will seek your help especially those who have plans of implementing Six Sigma into their daily operations so they can further improve the quality of their offered products and services. Being a certified Six Sigma Green Belt makes you proficient in successfully implementing Six Sigma into business.


Introduction to Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

A certified Six Sigma Green Belt can be expected to operate under the supervision or in support of Six Sigma Black Belt. This is one of the certified professionals in Six Sigma whose main concerns and responsibilities include analyzing and solving quality problems. A certified Six Sigma Green Belt is also part of quality improvement projects. This professional is someone who has a minimum of 3 years work experience and who wishes to expose or show his or her reliable skills and comprehensive knowledge when it comes to using tools and processes associated to Six Sigma.

Crucial Reasons why Certified Six Sigma Green Belts can Help Business Organizations Succeed

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt certification holders can be expected to help different business organizations achieve success in their operations. They will be of great help when it comes to implementing Six Sigma which is considered by lots of experts as a forward-thinking and long-term initiative mainly designed to make fundamental and positive changes on the manner through which corporations do business. It can be defined as a business process or methodology which allows companies to dramatically raise their profits through the proper streamlining of their operations, quality improvement and mistakes and defects elimination. While there are also other popular methodologies and programs that can help in improving quality, note that most of their focus are on spotting and correcting defects. Six Sigma actually covers a broader field. It is capable of providing specific methods and techniques that can help in recreating processes and ensuring that there is a significant reduction or complete prevention of defects.

What does it Usually Take to Become a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt?

Undergoing an online Six Sigma Green Belt training is one of the most convenient ways to become a certified professional in this field. It actually trains you in obtaining a general understanding about the most basic concepts used in various business methods. Reliable online certification companies like Brainmeasures have already established a great name in terms of providing the best online certification courses related to Six Sigma and you should consider taking advantage of their offered online Six Sigma Green Belt certification course if you have a strong intention of becoming a real expert in the field.

The good thing about the specific online certification course which is designed for all aspiring certified Six Sigma Green Belt holders is that this is often tailored based on the enrollee’s work and his/her working schedule in a company. The course’s duration and sign-up fee will also vary from one place to another. Upon completing the course and the training, the aspiring certified Six Sigma Green Belt will need to take and pass a comprehensive certification exam which works in demonstrating his/her level of understanding about the field before receiving the certificate. It is also crucial for you to be able to show proof of your participation in a project which focuses on improvement.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

A certified Six Sigma Green Belt holder plays a major role in the successful operations of a business organization. One of the major roles and responsibilities handled by this professional is offer guidance and assistance when it comes to implementing solutions associated to improving quality, processes, products and services and customer satisfaction rate. This six Sigma professional is also responsible in leading the whole team through implementing projects, joining team building exercises and offering assistance in terms of collecting vital project data. Six Sigma Green Belts are also valuable when it comes to solving low-level management issues including the process of reducing variation amount in employee work. They should also be fully knowledgeable when it comes to using the DMAIC methodology of Six Sigma as well as its tool set especially those that are used in basic statistics.

Aside from being one of those Six Sigma professionals who are tasked to implement the DMAIC approach, certified Six Sigma Green Belt holders are also responsible in ensuring that the execution of strategies within the enterprise that they are working for is successful. They are more focused in the prioritization, improvement and control of strategies being executed to ensure that success, profitability and top quality performance is achieved by an organization. An example of how a Six Sigma Green Belt certification holder successfully does this is illustrated in the following image.

Career Opportunities and Salary Offers for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Holders

Considering the vital roles played by Green Belts, the process of accessing numerous career opportunities is easier for them. The following job titles and positions are just few of those where you can effectively utilize your Six Sigma Green Belt certificate after receiving it as well as their estimated annual salary if they work in the US.

It should also be noted that one of the most rewarding positions that can be handled by a certified Six Sigma Green Belt is the Lean Six Sigma Consultant because of the profitable pay that it now offers. Recently, these consultants enjoy an annual average salary of $92,000. This annual salary has also grown in the past couple of years according to the researches made by Indeed.com. One can also expect the salary for lean Six Sigma consultants to increase in the next few months and years.

If you plan to become a Six Sigma Green Belt certification holder, then you are encouraged to do a comprehensive and independent research as a means of determining your actual earning potential. This independent research is necessary because salaries for this position can usually vary based on the company and location where you are working, your obtained job title or position, level of your education, status of certification and employment experience.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification- $150 |  Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification- $150
Six Sigma Master Implementer- $150  |  Six Sigma Green Belt Certification- $85

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