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Construction Management Certification

Construction Management Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology

What is Construction Management?

Construction Management is an iterative and incremental method which is related to overall management of building constructions and renovations from planning, coordination to control of the overall construction project. Construction Management focuses on meeting requirements of client by producing and managing the project that is functionally and financially viable. It is a very diverse discipline which covers so many aspects such as project planning, project requirements, source determination, management of design, procurement management and management of three basic elements for project success which are time, cost and quality. Construction Management is the process that is used to oversee projects of different nature of constructions. Such constructions can be related to residential, commercial or industrial etc. Construction or project managers are the prime persons to hold all such activities of Construction Management who direct and coordinate construction activities to maximize efficiency and minimize cost in the process.

Brainmeasures Construction Management Certification Course

Project management based on construction and value driven are demanding skills in the field of real estate and property management. Unique and successful Construction Management is required from idea generation or feasibility to completeness stages. Brainmeasures program of Construction Management certification is the best choice to cater the needs of rapidly changing environment and demanding skills in the field of real estate project and Construction Management. This online certification will equip you with the best practices of Construction Management and enable you about how to become more efficient and effective builder, manager, engineer and expert in assessing the conception, requirement analysis, designing, procurement management, testing, quality champions and successful completion of construction activities with the help of Construction Management and real estate property management techniques.

Apart from learning of different project and Construction Management techniques and modelling with the application of construction design approaches, you will also be assessed with online exam and assignments that will be provided to you by the end of different topics in the certification program. This will definitely assess your skills, knowledge and experience that will not enable you to find the missing paths in knowledge and practical application but also give you the additional expertise that you might require during Construction Management stages.

Expected Salary for Construction Management Certification from Brainmeasures

As this certification holds its multidimensional and multidisciplinary applications in real estate and construction, therefore expected salary will be varied according to each industry and field of the certificate holder. However, an average expected salary for Construction Management certification holder is expected around $85,000-$130,000 per year which varies according to the nature of business, related field and reputation of the company in the real estate and construction industry, level of competition as well as experience of the individuals or contractors who are providing their services or employed in different companies that belong to different sub sectors of construction industry.

Highlights of the Construction Management Certification Course from Brainmeasures

Construction Management is a vital training course especially for real estate management and building construction sectors around the globe. Brainmeasures program is far beyond what is expected to be delivered typically by similar online certification programs as it does not only deliver the knowledge and Construction Management techniques but prepare you to become a successful expert, developer, designer or constructor. This certification program aims to provide the knowledge from grass root level to an expert level. Below are some major highlights of the course that enrolled candidates will explore during the learning phase:

  • Background of the construction industry
  • Future outlook and present opportunities in construction industry
  • Overview of different industry sectors and role of construction process
  • What is efficient and effective Construction Management
  • Why Construction Management is required
  • How to place Construction Management for construction projects
  • What is construction contract
  • What are the different types of construction contracts
  • How to win construction contracts and manage it effectively
  • The construction project, its origin, principles and foundations
  • Role of time, cost and quality in Construction Management
  • What are estimation and procurement requirements and how to meet them within budget
  • Understanding the variance analysis for estimated and actual cost
  • How to minimize the variances by using Construction Management techniques efficiently
  • What are the different requirements of contract and how to bid, win and manage it successfully by using Construction Management
  • How to manage different activities of construction project (i.e. coordinating manpower, material requirements, procurement, equipment requirements etc.)
  • Role of project planning in successful Construction Management
  • How to efficiently utilize the resources through scheduling the activities from start to completion
  • How to check the performance of construction project
  • What is project control and job costing
  • Understanding the importance of quality control and safety management
  • How to effectively implement and ensure the safety requirements
  • How to evaluate the risk in construction projects
  • How to efficiently records the activities and requirements of different construction projects
  • What is building information modelling (BIM) and how contractors and builders can get benefit from it
  • What are the different features of BIM (i.e. 3D modelling) and how it is transforming the role and jobs of construction or project managers

Beneficiaries of the Construction Management Certification Course

Construction Management certification from Brainmeasures is a unique certification in the fields of real estate, building projects, civil engineering management that is supposed to provide information, expertise and knowledge about the reshaping field. Scope of this certification is very wide and prevails to lot of sub sectors (i.e. domestic, commercial or industrial) of construction industry. Beneficiaries of the certification can be civil engineers, AutoCAD engineers, AutoCAM engineers, real estate simulation software developers and engineers, project managers, procurement manager, construction resource manager, contractors, project developers, real estate professionals and for all those individuals who wish to enhance their project and Construction Management skills with the new efficient and effective designs and frameworks that are reflected by Construction paradigm in the respective fields of experts.

Job Opportunities for Construction Management Certification from Brainmeasures

Being a reshaping and innovative field of construction which is affecting almost every construction industry in terms of processes improvements, cost cutting techniques, better designing, concrete development, efficient management of time, cost and greater returns for businesses, Construction Management is deemed as an essential knowledge enhancement and skills polishing for success. After completion of the certification course of Construction Management from Brainmeasures, you may get lots of opportunities to select one of the best fit for you. These opportunities that based on your relevant field and can be entitled as:

  • Real Estate Logistical Partner
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Civil Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Real Estate Advisor
  • Real Manager
  • Real Estate Software Developer
  • AutoCAD Engineer
  • AutoCAM Engineer
  • Construction Project Analyst
  • Contractor
  • Construction Core Team Leader
  • 3D Construction Designer
  • Property Advisor
  • Procurement Manager
  • Material Manager
  • Source Allocation Analyst

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Construction Management Certification

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