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Logic Pro X Certification
Logic Pro X Certification

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    What is Logical Pro X?

    Logic Pro X is an excellent and demanding software for digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer with 3D sound quality. This software application is designed for Mac OS X platform. Logic Pro was originally designed by German software developer C-Lab and later on Emagic incorporated its user functionality. After passing some time, Logic Pro became the part of Apple product when Emagic was acquired in 2002. Pro X is the most updated and advanced version of audio workstation and 3D sound system. It is a complete professional recording studio for audio and music with simulation capabilities to drive the best results. Logic Pro X includes everything that go from first inspiration to final master record. This software consists of wide range of audio tools and sound systems through which fine-tuning of recording, vocals and sounds can be made quickly. The user interface is designed elegantly with one-window interface of multitasking such editing, file browsing, toolbars management, sound controlling and digital recording system.

    Brainmeasures Logic Pro X Certification Program

    Skills and expertise of using Logic Pro X with comprehensive command over user interface requires you to join certification program of Brainmeasures. This is a versatile certification program that is especially designed to cater the needs of audio workstation working, digital audio recording, audio mixing as well as MIDI use with voice mixing. Logic Pro X is an online certification course of Brainmeasures which will enable you to become excellent and master to control multi-dimensional tasks of audio and sounds recording and mixing at Apple platform.

    Aside from the course syllabus and different audio and sounds recording techniques, an online exam is also the part of this course to assess the knowledge and skills that you will gain during the certification program of Logic Pro X course from Brainmeasures. After successful completion of the course, candidates will be awarded with the prestigious Logic Pro X certificate from Brainmeasures to admire their knowledge and skills that they will enhance during the course. Ultimately, this certificate will be an added point of skills in your Resume that will lead to increase your earnings or getting better employment opportunities.

    Highlights of the Logic Pro X Program from Brainmeasures

    Logic Pro X certification course from Brainmeasures is a different in terms of its approach and delivery of knowledge in order to create better understanding of handling sound systems, audio recording environment and mixing techniques with 3D systems. Experts have designed the course in very effective manner that assess the knowledge by sketching the real world scenarios and audio songs as well as sounds mixing case studies at end of different modules of the course. Following are some important areas that will be covered in Logic Pro X certification course:

    • What is Logic Pro X
    • From where the concept of Logic Pro X came
    • Overview of Logic Pro X environment and requirements
    • Transition process of Logic Pro X platform
    • Planning and thinking for Logic Pro X
    • Connecting Logic Pro X studio
    • Effectively building the common setup features
    • How to use efficiently Logic Pro X options
    • Start with the test project in Logic Pro X
    • Familiarity with Logic Pro X through pre-defined templates
    • How to work in main window of audio station and tracks area
    • Knowledge and process of using different bars, equalizer systems and audio mixing tools in Logic Pro X
    • Smart tracks control system
    • Knowing about tracks and theory different audio stream
    • Using external MIDI for best sound creation
    • Understanding about splitting, joining and mixing process
    • What is snapping and loping and how to use them at appropriate places in the recording system
    • Role of digital and user pre-recorded media in Logic Pro X
    • Introduction about digital audio and MIDI systems
    • Familiarity with different operations of under digital audio and MIDI recording system
    • Effectively changing MIDI channels
    • Preparing and recording audio
    • Efficiently handle and recording multiple inputs
    • What is punching in an punching out
    • Multiple mixing with vocal cue mix
    • How to record MIDI efficiently
    • Understanding the difference between internal and external MIDI systems
    • How to add Apple loops in the existing project under Logic Pro X
    • Efficient use of drummer technology with different options
    • Role of playing virtual vintage instruments and how to use them efficiently and effectively
    • What is vibrato/ chorus and percussion
    • Controlling procedure of manuals and foot pedals with MIDI
    • What is sound synthesis process and how to design sounds with best 3D digital quality
    • Understanding the process of EFMI and FM synthesis
    • Use of hybrid synthesis
    • Understanding the process and quality requirements of other synthesis designs
    • Orchestra architecture and how to build orchestral template
    • Understanding about different styles and instrumental technologies of orchestra
    • Making the audio project more attractive and powerful by using different editing and arranging tools for music and sound systems
    • Editing procedure and roadmap for audio and MIDI tracks
    • Role of mixing audio and sounds with best possible options
    • In-depth mixing procedure
    • Using different audio channels, strips, splitting and joining techniques for best output
    • How to perform automating mixing process
    • Understanding the essential requirements for mastering the tracks into best and final results with fine tuning and surrounding sound
    • What is the bouncing procedure and how to use it with alternative mixing techniques
    • Sharing and uploading procedure on Apple Store
    • How to share the project to sound cloud
    • What are the basic tips and approaches to use Logic Pro X on iPad and Mac OS X
    • Workflow management and finalization techniques

    Beneficiaries of the Logic Pro X Certification Program

    No doubt Logic Pro X certification is important not only for those who are working audio and sound system recorders, studio editors, audio editors, sound mixers, audio mixers, digital audio and sound designers, MIDI mixers, track recorders, song recorders it is equally important for students, teachers and musicians as well. This certificate is designed for all those people who are providing their services at different positions in audio, sounds, and music and film industries.

    Job Opportunities after Completing Logic Pro X Certification Course from Brainmeasures

    This certification has a tremendous growth rate with rapidly increasing in usage of computerized soft-wares and digital audio, MIDI and track mixing environment. Holders of Logic Pro X certification can get the following designations:

    • Audio Mixer
    • MIDI Mixer
    • Musician
    • Track Recorder
    • Track Recording Expert
    • Expert Digital Drummer
    • Sound Mixer
    • Audio Workstation Expert
    • Apple Audio and Sound System Expert
    • Apple Logic Pro X Expert
    • Fine Tuning Sound Expert
    • Digital Orchestra Player Expert
    • Audio Recording System Analyst
    • Audio Recording System Expert
    • Sound Encoder and Decoder

    Expected Salary for Brainmeasures Logic Pro X Certification Holders

    By getting the certification of Logic Pro X from Brainmeasures is not only guarantees you about your knowledge and expertise in working environment of audio workstation but it also translates in improvements in earnings and salary levels with better working environment and advanced audio/sound systems. The average annual salary is $85,000-$105,000 per year and this amount may vary significantly based on the reputation of Logic Pro X in the audio and sound mixing industry, nature and reputation of the organization, skills and experience of the candidate etc.

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