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Management Consultancy Certification

Management Consultancy Certification



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Important Note :

You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 233 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

What is Management Consultancy?

Management is a broad subject but its most common definition states that it is a process of gathering people together with an aim of accomplishing desired objectives and goals by efficiently and effectively utilizing the available resources. Management Consultancy is the way to offer business executives third party advice, provision of outsource business administration services, management expertise as well as support the business with the aim to enhance the performance. End result of Management Consultancy is to increase the business value in a way that it ultimately increases the wealth and value of its shareholders and other stakeholders. Management Consultancy is the concept which was started in 1880. That was the time when Fredrick W.Taylor conducted the studies of Time Motion to complete processes in manufacturing. On the other hand James O.McKinsey established a company with the name of McKinsey & Co with Tom Kearney that had the aim to assist the troubled businesses grow and recover from economic crisis. After that the concept of Management Consultancy appreciated and practiced very much in the times of great depressions. Now, Management Consultancy has become a complete profession which provides every kind of management and administration related services to businesses from any type of industry.

Brainmeasures Management Consultancy Certification Program

Becoming a certified manager and consultant for businesses is no longer hard especially if you decide to enroll in the Management Consultancy certification course offered by Brainmeasures to the general public at large and business executives, top level management and consultancy firms especially. As a reputable online certification company, Brainmeasures can be expected to work effectively in providing you the most detailed Management Consultancy training which will enhance your skills and ways to handle the business with great care as well as enables you to provide such services to other businesses. By enrolling in the Management Consultancy certification course offered by Brainmeasures, you become more aware about the things that you can do to successfully and effectively carry out the Management Consultancy process.

Apart from excellent course road map, an online exam is also the part of this course which will enable you to assess by yourself about your learning of Management Consultancy skills and techniques. The reward of passing the online exam is your Management Consultancy certificate.

Expected Salary for Management Consultancy Certification Holders

Because of the many positions that you can fill after receiving your Management Consultancy certification, you also get the chance to receive a higher pay once you get a managerial position in an organization or once your services and advices recognized as key points for business success. The average annual salary that you can get is around $90,000 with a possibility of growth in the near future based on level of experience, expertise, value of management advices for businesses and demand in the market.

Highlights of the Management Consultancy Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The Management Consultancy certification course offered by Brainmeasures is enriched with variety of concepts, management philosophies and case studies to provide excellence in the area of Management Consultancy. Experts have designed this course with keen interest and best input from them to make the course more interesting. Following are some major topics of the course:

  • What is management all about
  • Introduction about Management Consultancy
  • Characteristics of Management Consultancy
  • Understanding about role of management consultants
  • Adoption of Management Consultancy as a profession
  • Evolution of Management Consultancy
  • Institutional and structural changes for the growth of Management Consultancy
  • Rise and decline of Management Consultancy and the case of McKinsey & Co
  • What are the difficulties in measuring the effect of Management Consultancy
  • Fee and reasons for outsourcing of management services
  • Management audits and effect of knowledge
  • Understanding about external and internal Management Consultancy
  • What are the risks involved in external Management Consultancy
  • Demand and growth of Management Consultancy industry
  • Role of competition in the field of Management Consultancy
  • What are the competitive forces and competitive strategies for key developments
  • Understanding about the impact of business cycles on Management Consultancy
  • What are the primary and supportive activities of Management Consultancy firms
  • How to efficiently and effectively management the Management Consultancy firm
  • Scope of Management Consultancy for career adoption and career development

Beneficiaries of the Management Consultancy Certification Program

Proper management plays a vital role in the success of an organization so it is safe to assume that the Management Consultancy certification program which is offered by Brainmeasures can benefit almost all types of people and professionals. The certification course is extremely beneficial for team leaders, non-managers, supervisors, front line managers, middles managers, top level managers, business executives, consultancy firms, senior managers as well as for all those who wish to enhance their career as management consultants.

Job Opportunities after Completing the Management Consultancy Certification from Brainmeasures

The Management Consultancy covers vast areas of businesses. In fact it is the field that every kind of business requires its services. So, Management Consultancy promises lot of job opportunities for Management Consultancy certification holders from Brainmeasures. You may entitle to fill one of the following positions:

  • Top Level Executive
  • Senior Executive
  • Director Administration
  • Managing Director
  • Business Executive
  • General Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Customer Services Manager
  • Management Consultancy Services Provider
  • Mentoring in Business Management
  • Business Management Expert
  • Distribution Supervisor
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Operations Manager

Management Consultancy Certification

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