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Jenkins Certification

Jenkins Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is a new software tool in open source continuous integrated environment. Jenkins is written in Java programming language and it is used for testing and reporting on confined changes in a larger code base in real time environment. This platform provides developers to find defects in a code base and then solve the issues in it. This software also provides automated testing environment. It provides continuous integration services for software development. This works in server based environment by running in a servlet container likewise Apache Tomcat. Jenkins supports SCM and RTC tools. It has also the ability to execute Apache Ant and Apache Maven projects in addition to Windows batch commands and shell scripts. Jenkins is first time released under MIT license which is now free tool. The major two operations of Jenkins are continuously software building or testing and monitoring executions of externally run jobs.

Brainmeasures Jenkins Certification Program

Jenkins certification program from Brainmeasures is a unique program that'll enable you to become much more proficient along with skilful in software testing, software building and continuously monitoring the execution of externally running jobs. This qualification program will definitely increase your experience and efficiency in using the Jenkins. After going through the distinct topics involving Jenkins qualifications of Brainmeasures, it is possible to face different approaches continuous testing and monitoring applications. This just all definitely requires to join Branimeasures Jenkins course and that is enriched having practical scenarios and different code writing approaches in the program. This is not just an additional expertise within your Resume but also causes to increase your salary and chances to have promotion within your career route.

Expected Salary for Jenkins Certificate Holders

Entitlement regarding Jenkins expert, analyser, engineer, developer, tester as well as implementer etc. through this certification program of Brainmeasures not just develops expertise but also increase your income and wealth generation sources. The average annual salary in case you hold Jenkins certification with other professional degrees is $92,000 per year and this can be grown to $100,000- $145,000 based on level of apropos expertise, experience along with reputation of the employee and organization in the relevant area.

Highlights of the Jenkins Certification Program from Brainmeasures

You may encounter with similar sorts of Jenkins certifications by looking through search engines like Google but we at Brainmeasures genuinely assure you that our certification plan is enriched with numerous techniques connected with testing, realistic examples along with prototyping or source codes for results implications. Apart from these of Brainmeasures plan of Jenkins, your competencies will be evaluated modestly by short quizzes, assignments and a final exam that can assist you to judge on your own that the expanse you acquired with necessary skills. The following are just some major highlights in the Jenkins qualifications program that you will explore in your journey at Brainmeasures:

  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • What is continuous integration environment
  • Evolution of Jenkins
  • How to implement continuous integration
  • Building procedure in automated environment
  • Understanding about continuous deployment
  • How run and use Jenkins
  • Jenkins tool configuration process
  • Installation procedure of Jenkins in different operating systems environment
  • How to effectively use Jenkins with Apache or Application servers
  • Using Jenkins as standalone application
  • Efficiently use Jenkins as Windows service
  • What are JDKs and global properties and how to configure them
  • Configuration process for build tools
  • Process of creating the freestyle build job
  • Understanding about advanced project options
  • How to build triggers
  • Role of scheduled build jobs and polling the SCM
  • Difference between manual and auto build jobs
  • Understanding about building steps under different environment
  • What is post build actions and how to perform them under Jenkins environment
  • Using Jenkins with other languages
  • Use of automated testing in Jenkins
  • Understanding about code coverage procedure and integration of Cobertura
  • Automated acceptance and performance tests with JMeter
  • Security measures in Jenkins
  • Database recovery and secure repository
  • Understanding about different notifications systems (i.e. Email, RSS or Instant Messaging)
  • Assessment of code quality and modification process using Jenkins
  • Efficiently using the check style, PMD and find bug reports
  • Understanding about advanced building tools in Jenkins
  • What are distributed builds
  • Understanding about Master/Slave strategies in Jenkins
  • Cloud computing and Jenkins
  • What is automated deployment and continuous delivery and how to implement it
  • How to maintain the Jenkins with greater efficiency and control
  • Monitoring and backup configuration

Beneficiaries of the Jenkins Certification Program

Jenkins is an emerging tool in testing and code development. So it is a demanding tool in computer science field. This certification of Brainmeasures requires some technical knowledge, expertise in object oriented and testing environment both in automated and manual based. However, enrolment is not just confined to experts. All learners, programmers, applications developers and testers can join who are eager to enhance their competencies in the smart testing, programming and increase their expertise in computer science. This certification program appeals to everyone whether a technical and IT specialist, software programmer, software developer, software engineer, software auditor, QA and QC engineers as well as students, individuals and corporate players who wish to understand about Jenkins and its applications.

Job Opportunities for Jenkins Certification from Brainmeasures

On successful completion of the certification from Brainmeasures where you are not only supposed to develop and apply smart testing tool with combination of object oriented and functional programming but also ensures that you are better able and understanding with Jenkins environment. You may entitle to fill up one of the following opportunities in the software engineering, software development and computer science world:

  • Jenkins QA Engineer
  • Jenkins Programming Test Developer
  • Jenkins Auditor
  • Jenkins Tool Tester Expert
  • Computer Science Programmer
  • Smart Applications Tester
  • Software Designer and Tester
  • Programming Codes Analyst
  • Object Oriented Programing Tester
  • Functional Tester
  • Jenkins Tools Auditor
  • Software Engineer
  • Jenkins QA Expert
  • Mentor in Jenkins
  • Jenkins Automated System Expert
  • Jenkins Tool Applications Expert

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