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SAP Cloud Management

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    NOTE- You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 243 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take the test only after 10 days Of purchase.

    What is SAP (Cloud Management)?

    SAP stands for System Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is an integrated business management tool which is established by a German company in order to provide efficiency in business activities and reporting with greater control over information. SAP (Cloud Management) is the part of SAP business platform in order to provide agility in business activities with virtualization and cloud management technology that aims to use best resources for business management regardless of their diversity and geographical dispersion across the globe. SAP (Cloud Management) also leads the businesses with cost leadership or cost cutting techniques by availing the best resources and to get jobs done in virtual environment by controlling SAP applications and jobs in cloud based environment. SAP (Cloud Management) definitely provides the businesses to speed up their activities by improving agility and reducing cost. It provides quick access on SAP applications with greater flexibility and improved service levels for it users. Through SAP (Cloud Management), business operations in computerized environment can efficiently be handled in multiple areas of the world with concepts of virtually centralized and physically dispersed business activities.

    Brainmeasures SAP (Cloud Management) Certification Program

    The concept of cloud is rapidly getting popularity with greater use in smart phone and tablets. Knowledge economies are shifting towards virtual or cloud based business management very quickly. Information management, cost cutting and speed are becoming major elements of business success with the use of cloud based facilities. So, SAP (Cloud Management) is becoming important and demanding as an important part of business processes and operations. Skills and knowledge to handle SAP in cloud based environment are also becoming important after each day passes. So it makes sense to get updated with business activities through cloud based environment with help of SAP (Cloud Management) certification. Brainmeasures is the right platform for business professionals, researchers, IT experts and analysts to become proficient in cloud based business working through SAP (Cloud Management) certification program.

    Apart from the course mechanics, Brainmeasures certification program will also enable you to grip on advanced learning environment for cloud based business management and its application with SAP Business suite. All this requires you to get yourself enrolled in Branimeasures SAP (Cloud Management) certification to get knowledge about SAP applications with cloud management and expertise of using it efficiently. This will not only improve your Resume but also cause to increase your salary and chances to get promotion in your career path.

    Highlights of the SAP (Cloud Management) Certification from Brainmeasures

    Brainmeasures SAP (Cloud Management) certification provides you the knowledge and practices platform for development of understanding about SAP Business Suite and its business applications in cloud based environment from grass root to master level. Apart from course syllabus, short quizzes, assignments and a final term exam is also covered to hone your expertise and knowledge. The following are just some of the major highlights of SAP (Cloud Management) certification of Brainmeasures:

    • What is cloud computing
    • A historical evolution of cloud computing
    • Different types of cloud computing and how SAP platform can be used successfully with different types of cloud computing
    • Evolution of SAP from R/3 to HANA
    • From where SAP HANA is emerged
    • Understanding about SAP systems requirements for cloud based business management
    • What is service levels
    • Role of service levels for SAP in cloud based environment
    • Establishing innovative billing tools for SAP systems in cloud based facilities
    • Potential security threats and issues in cloud based environment
    • Taking security measures for SAP applications
    • Decision making process for private or public cloud services for business management via SAP
    • Business processes requirements and management in cloud based environments
    • Understanding about functionality and requirements of public and private cloud systems
    • Overview about different public and private clouds (i.e. Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, VMware vCloud and Microsoft Private Cloud etc.)
    • Decision of taking either public or private cloud services for SAP systems
    • Controlling, measurement and governing rules in public cloud computing environment with business management
    • Understanding about private cloud infrastructure for SAP systems
    • Efficiently handling the business activities in cloud based SAP systems
    • What is dynamic and stateless computing
    • Organizational structure of SAP operations with public or private cloud implementation
    • Understanding about economic and legal aspects of cloud computing for SAP systems
    • Guidelines for efficient handling of business activities through SAP in cloud environment with the best sources, minimum cost and agility in delivery of the work

    Beneficiaries of the SAP (Cloud Management) Certification

    SAP (Cloud Management) certification program of Brainmeasures require some technical knowledge, expertise and interest of users in database and information administration, architecture designing and concept of cloud computing. However, you don’t need to be worried if you don’t have prior knowledge or basic level expertise, as enrolment is open for all learners who are eager to enhance their competencies regarding SAP (Cloud Management) for businesses. This certification is designed for software engineers, software developers, software programmers, database administrators, IT business analysts, database managers, business executives, SAP ERP systems analysts, SAP ERP developers, software troubleshooters, IT managers, business managers and for all individuals, professionals, corporate players who wish to understand about SAP systems in cloud based environment and how to manage cloud based SAP applications efficiently and effectively.

    Job Horizons for the SAP (Cloud Management) Certification from Brainmeasures

    On successful completion of the SAP (Cloud Management) certification from Brainmeasures where you are supposed to be equipped not only with SAP platform for cloud environment but also ensures that you are better able to analyze, compare the designs, architectures and database management systems at a single platform for SAP Business applications. You may be entitled to fill up one of the following opportunities:

    • SAP Cloud Architecture Analyzer
    • Expert in Cloud Computing SAP
    • SAP Cloud Management Expert
    • Certified SAP Cloud System Manager
    • Business Manager
    • Offshore Business Analyst
    • Offshore Accounting Expert
    • Online Mentor of SAP Cloud Applications
    • SAP Business Suite Application Analyzer in SAP Cloud Environment
    • SAP Cloud Synchronizer
    • SAP Business Roadmap Designer for Cloud Based Environment
    • Cloud Business Management Expert
    • SAP Business Software Engineer
    • SAP Cloud Business Executive Specialist

    Expected Salary for SAP (Cloud Management) Certification Holders from Brainmeasures

    Being a SAP (Cloud Management) expert does not only cause to increase your expertise but also translates it to increase in income, salary levels of employees and wealth generation of the businesses. The average annual salary for those who have command of business processes to efficiently handle in cloud based environment through SAP along with professional qualification is estimated as $80,000 per year which can be grown in between $95,000- $140,000 or even more based on level of experience, growth and demand for cloud based business activities as well as reputation of the employee and organization in the relevant field of business.

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