3D Game Programming Certification

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3D Game Programming Certification

3D Game Programming Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
Important Note :

You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 323 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

What is 3D Game Programming?

Gaming and game development is a creative task as well as business. Game development has been evolved into different generations. 3D games are one of the most developed and advanced generation in the gaming technology. Game programming is the basic element that works well with the designing and development phases of gaming. Programming in games is the part of game development or software development of video games. 3D games programming is to write the programs for 3D enabled games. Programming, either for 3D or non 3D games requires substantial skills in software engineering with mastering in computer graphics, artificial intelligence, audio/video programming and simulation. 3D games are more fascinating for kids and adults as it consists of objects which are measures in three dimensions. These three dimensions are height, width and depth. 3D games programming is to measure these three dimensions effectively and write the codes to efficiently operationalization of the objects under different scenarios which are designed for 3D gamming environment.

Brainmeasures 3D Game Programming Certification Program

If you want to learn about 3D game programming and become an effective certified programmer, then the certification course available at Brainmeasures is your best choice. This specific course works in increasing the level of your understanding about the 3D game programming field so harnessing your skills in this area will no longer become impossible. 3D game programming from Brainmeasures is a different certification from others in the sense that it enables you to know about development of demanding and attractive games with excellent graphical user interface and speed, familiarity with 3D gaming environment, debugging and test run procedure etc. Apart from this, our certification program will also enable you to grip on advanced learning environment for game development and launching the games consoles successfully. So, how it is possible to become an excellent 3D game programmer and developer? Definitely you have to enrol in Branimeasures 3D game programming certification in order to get expertise which will not only cause to improve your Resume but also cause to increase your salary and chances to get promotion in your career path.

Expected Salary for 3D Game Programming Certification Holders

Being a 3D game programmer, games software engineer, games developer or analyst by the help of this certification program does not only cause to develop and increase your expertise but also translates it to increase in income and salary levels. The average annual salary for those who hold designing the 3D games programing, 3D games and applications developing positions in an organization is $90,000 per year which can grow further to $110,000- $150,000 based on level of experience, creativity and innovation in designing as well as reputation of the employee and organization in the relevant field.

Highlights of the 3D Game Programming Certification from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures 3D game programming is a unique certification that it provides you the knowledge and practices platform for development of games applications for different systems from grass root level to a master level. Apart from course syllabus, short quizzes, assignments and a final exam will be the part of this certification in order to assess your expertise and knowledge. The following are just some of the major highlights of 3D game programming certification of Brainmeasures:

  • What is gaming
  • Information about gaming technologies
  • Introduction about 3D gaming
  • Development of 3D games
  • Elements of a 3D game
  • Programming requirement for 3D games
  • Bookmarking and Macros for 3D game programming
  • Understanding about different programming concepts
  • Developing and running the example programs
  • Understanding about different expressions, variables, loops, functions and debugging in programming
  • Programming concepts in 3D environment
  • Programming for games
  • Role of torque scripts and data blocks
  • Folders and modulation in game play
  • Understanding about GUI of game play
  • Networking system in 3D game programming
  • Understanding about commonly used scripting in the 3D games
  • Game initialization procedure
  • Understanding about different modules (i.e. server, message, mission load, mission download etc.)
  • Texturing for 3D games
  • Skins for 3D games
  • Creating effective 3D GUI elements
  • Source identification and development for 3D games and related programming
  • Photography and original artwork use in 3D games
  • What is terrains and how to use them effectively with 3D game programming
  • Modelling and milkshape development in 3D based environment
  • Understanding about keyframer, dialog boxes and UV mapper
  • Modelling techniques and requirements in 3D game programming
  • What is topographical shape mapping
  • How to use modelling for torque
  • Modelling techniques for other elements of 3D games
  • How to effectively design vehicles and other surrounding environmental elements in 3D games
  • Command on game sound and music in 3D based systems
  • Effectively design the game missions
  • Understanding and linkages between game server/client systems
  • What are the requirements and things to be reviewed at game ending

Beneficiaries of the 3D Game Programming Certification

This certification program of Brainmeasures requires some technical knowledge, expertise and interest of users in programming as well as in 3D games environment. However, you don’t need to be worried if you don’t have prior knowledge or basic level expertise, as enrolment is open for all learners who are eager to enhance their competencies in the emerging and fastest growing platform of 3D games programming. This certification is designed for software engineers, software developers, software programmers, software trouble-shooters, 3D games developers, IT managers, software QA and QC developers and for all individuals, professionals, corporate players who wish to understand about programming environment for 3D games developments, its IDE and API applications.

Job Opportunities after Completing the 3D Game Programming Certification from Brainmeasures

On successful completion of the certification from Brainmeasures where you are supposed to be equipped not only with 3D game programming and testing skills but also ensures that you are better able to write and design the 3D games. You may entitle to fill up one of the following opportunities in the software engineering, IT and computer world:

  • 3D Game Programmer
  • Certified 3D Game Developer
  • Certified 3D Game Programming Analyst
  • Certified 3D Game Analyst
  • 3D Games Programming and Applications Trouble-shooter
  • Virtual Assistance in 3D Games Development
  • Freelance 3D Game Programmer
  • Certified 3D Games Software Engineer
  • 3D Game CONSOL Developer
  • 3D Game CONSOL Analyst
  • 3D Game Software QA Engineer
  • 3D Game Software QC Engineer
  • 3D Game Programming Testing Tools Expert

3D Game Programming Certification

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