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Lean Six Sigma
for Hospitals Certification

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    NOTE- You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 269 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take the test only after 10 days Of purchase.

    What is Lean Six Sigma?

    Lean and Six Sigma are business administration policies frequently used in manufacturing businesses to improve method proficiency and excellence. Since many years, these practices and development skills have been progressively applied in the manufacturing divisions such as in healthcare, construction, financial sciences, laboratory facilities and software development as well. Lean Six Sigma is a method that depends on a collective team work to increase production by analytically discarding the waste. Lean Six Sigma syndicates the Lean manufacturing, lean enterprise and Six Sigma to completely exterminate the eight types of waste, which are transportation, excess manufacturing, motion, inadequacies, inventory, extra handling and delays. Lean Six Sigma focuses on instigating in developing procedures through a synchronised set of ethics and methods that stimulate better aptitude and accomplishment. The Lean Six Sigma approach is very useful for the healthcare sector and hospitals as it expands the cost arrangement and comprehends numerous costing ideas that Lean Six Sigma targets to influence. It improves patient gratification and reduces inaccuracies by improving your processes. Many reputed hospitals are using the Lean Six Sigma approach to minimize costs, improve medical conclusions and interruptions, thereby cultivating overall performance and providing excellent healthcare services.

    Brainmeasures Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Certification Course

    The Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals course by Brainmeasures can be extremely beneficial for all those involved in healthcare services, biomedical research, discoveries and medical services. The Lean Six Sigma course will help you to develop the suitability and efficiency of research in the biomedical field. Lessening the period between biomedical research findings and their implementation into clinical exercise involves improved synchronization, methodical preparation and new categories of associates within biomedical research groups. The Lean Six Sigma approach immensely helps in refining tasks and eventually improves patient care if the fosters, doctors, supervisors and all of the major clinical hospital staff employed in a hospital are trained well with Lean Six Sigma. Brainmeasures is the leading ISO Certified Online Certification Company, well-known for their high class teaching standards and professional certifications. Most of the renowned hospitals and healthcare foundations are looking for Lean Six Sigma Professionals for their organizations. Pursuing the Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Certification online certification course with Brainmeasures would contribute a new dimension to your career by increasing your job prospects and will greatly help you excel in this field.

    Highlights of the Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Certification Course by Brainmeasures

    The Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Certification gives a detailed explanation for all the topics that are important to this approach. It will equip you with a comprehensive knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and its fundamentals, and will guide you about its usage and effectiveness in your hospital or healthcare division. Some of the vital parts of this course are mentioned below:

    • Guides you with the simple steps to a faster hospital in a very short span of time.
    • How to increase your performance and provide excellent quality services and make your hospital progress rapidly.
    • How to use lean for accelerated patient flow by understanding the various lean principles, value stream mapping and fastening the procedures.
    • Explains the simple steps to a better hospital, better emergency department, better clinical staff, and better operating room.
    • Teaches how to reduce defects, mistakes and errors with Six Sigma.
    • Guides you with the simple steps to have a cheaper, faster, better and more profitable hospital.
    • How to double your profits with Six Sigma.
    • Guides you about the various Excel power tools and their usage.
    • How to check for an improvement project in your data.
    • How to sustain the improvement process.
    • Describes about laser-focused process innovation.
    • Discusses about the statistical tools used for Lean Six Sigma.
    • How to implement Lean Six Sigma in Hospitals.

    Beneficiaries of Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Certification Course by Brainmeasures

    The Lean Six Sigma for Hospital Certification Course by Brainmeasuresis beneficial for all those who aspire to work in the management of a healthcare industry or a reputed hospital. The lean six sigma approach could enable you to increase your skills and expertise which in turn will benefit your business immensely. Numerous Healthcare units and hospitals are leaning towards the Lean Six Sigma nowadays, thereby increasing the job prospects for all the Lean Six Sigma certified professionals.

    Employment Opportunities after completing the Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Certification Course

    Employment opportunities for Lean Six Sigma professionals are increasing everyday due to the demand from various healthcare organizations and Hospitals for an excellent management that is not only profitable but also earns them a reputed name in this competitive time where every organization is rapidly progressing. After becoming a Lean Six Sigma certified professional, you can expect yourself to master in the following areas:

    • Performance Improvement Specialist
    • Executive Director, Patient Safety and Quality Analytics
    • Quality Improvement Team Leader
    • Lean Quality Improvement Specialist
    • Quality Improvement Analyst-Consultant
    • Director, Process Improvement Hospital
    • Healthcare Continuous Improvement Manager
    • Project Manager, Clinical Excellence
    • Lean Coach

    Expected Salary for Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Certification Holders

    The salary for Lean Six Sigma varies according to the job roles. The average salary of a Project Manager, Clinical Excellence is $60,000- $91,498 whereas the salary of a Lean Coach is $51,595 approximately. The salary of a Healthcare Improvement Manager is around $81,004 and the Director, Process Improvement Hospital earns around $78,062 approximately.

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